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Why Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want to Reconcile Kanye West Marriage

Kim Kardashian filed to become legally single on Friday despite Kanye West’s public attempts to reconcile with her and repair their marriage. TMZ and E! obtained court documents Monday where Kardashian wrote explicitly that she sees their romantic relationship as being wholly irreconcilable.

“Irreconcilable differences have led to the irremediable breakdown of the marriage, and there is no possibility of saving the marriage through counseling or other means,” the document read, per E!. “The continued maintenance of technical marital status between [Kardashian] and [West] serves no useful purpose, and there is no reason to maintain the legal relationship.”

TMZ pointed out that Kardashian wrote that West has been unresponsive to her efforts legally to end their marriage. “I have been attempting to settle our dissolution with [West] since I filed for divorce in February 2021,” she wrote. “I have requested several times that [West] agree to bifurcate and terminate our marital status. [He] has not responded to my request.” She added, “[West] and I both deserve the opportunity to build new lives. Therefore, I am asking that my request to bifurcate and terminate our marital status be granted.”

West has not responded publicly to Kardashian’s filing at this point. Last Thursday, when she attended his and Drake’s “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert, West made a public plea to her to take him back, changing the lyrics from his song “Runaway” to say, “I need you to run right back to me. More specifically, Kimberly.” A day later, she filed to become legally single and drop West from her last name.

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