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Watch Blue Ivy React to Sign Made For Her at Beyoncé’s Renaissance Show In Spain

As super star Beyoncé travels across Europe for her Renaissance Tour, her eldest daughter Blue Ivy Carter has been making appearances on stage as well, nailing choreography along with her mom’s many back up dancers. On Thursday, she was by Beyoncé’s side again during the tour’s Barcelona stop in Spain. This time, at least one fan was prepared to see her.

A Twitter user caught a video of the 11-year-old’s reaction when she spotted someone holding up a sign for her in the audience that read, “Go awf Blue! #Ivy League.”

Adorably, her jaw drops in surprise and excitement and she appears to exclaim, “Oh!”

Being an absolute professional, she immediately leaps right into her dancing, not missing a beat.

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The fan who made the sign shared it again on her Instagram page, in which her bio names her as Toyoncé.

“Love it or hate it….I made the#IvyLeague OFFICIAL,” Toyoncé joked about her viral sign.

“But seriously, Blue definitely deserves & has EARNED her very own fan base,” the fan continued. “It takes a LOT of confidence, strength & courage to do what she’s doing, at ELEVEN YEARS OLD. She is definitely her mother’s child.”

She added, “I wore blue just to show my support for her. I feel so blessed to have not only been able to witness her greatness in the flesh, but to also show her how much we love her stage presence! This is only the beginning… Just imagine her in 5 years, considering her constant growth on that stage just over the last few weeks…She has literally grown up right before our eyes & I seriously can’t take it.”

Blue made her debut at the tour in late May during Beyoncé’s stop in Paris and was again on stage in London. She loves her work.

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