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Virgo Weekly Horoscope


The staple spice of your life this week? Variety, Virgo. On Thursday, November 4, the year’s only new moon in Scorpio energizes your experimental third house, awakening your journalistic curiosity. One day later, your ruler, inquisitive Mercury moves into Scorpio, calling forth the dabbling dilletante in you until November 24. New policy? Try before you buy. Your mutable sign will be grateful that there’s no need to commit to anything for the long haul or become a lifelong, or even yearlong, member until you feel certain it’s a good fit.

Since the third house showcases hometown happenings, the local scene could deliver some entertaining surprises. Sniff around, Virgo. Is there a community group that supports a cause you care about, like a no-kill animal shelter or a winter-coat drive? Or create your own event by teaming up with a neighborhood business. (Holiday pop-up, perhaps?) This week—and over the next six months—support will be plentiful. With your organizing skills and their connections, you might host an epic affair! Call in kindred spirits, too. Between now and the corresponding Scorpio full moon on May 16, 2022, you could join forces with a collaborator who shares your values AND your outlook on life.

But don’t plan on hiding out at the local watering hole. Venus is heading into Capricorn this Friday, and its mission is to pull you out into the world for a dramatic debut! As the planet of love and beauty floats through your dramatic, romantic fifth house until March 6, 2022, interested parties will pursue you, even if you make the most minor effort. Get ready for a creative renaissance. Pursue your path as an acoustic guitarist, Instagram poet or future TED talk superstar. Sharing your natural gifts feels, well, natural, for the next four months. But maybe block off December 19 to January 29, 2022, for “rehearsal.” Venus will be retrograde then, which could make you a bit camera-shy.

This is four times Venus’ usual stopover in one sign, so even if you hit a retrograde speedbump, you’ll have plenty of “buffer time” before and after the backspin to work through the hiccups. Feeling the love? Surrender to that raging case of butterflies and see if there’s something real to be pursued. Compatibility is not something you can work out in your head (or on a spreadsheet). You have to get on the court and open your heart and see how things evolve. In a relationship? It may be incumbent on you to get creative with the date planning, but that won’t be a problem with seductive, imaginative Venus in your corner. When the love planet slips into reverse, lean into nostalgia as an aphrodisiac. How CAN you recreate one of your past love scenes with or without returning to the place of origin? (Challenge!) Head’s up: An old flame could try to spark things up newly over the holidays, but proceed with caution if it was more than just bad timing that kept you apart.

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