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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF December

Let the Virgo nesting begin! For the first three weeks of December, the Sagittarius Sun will warm up your zone of hearth and home, putting you in domestic spirits. But before you slip into that Egyptian cotton robe and disappear into a frenzy of baking and decorating, December 4 will serve up a solar eclipse in Sagittarius, which could bring surprising changes to your living situation and family affairs.

Dynamic duos can get back on track starting December 1 as foggy Neptune shifts out of a five-month retrograde slowdown in Pisces and your partnership zone. Have you been confused about whether to move forward in a business or personal relationship or unclear about what the future holds? That will change now—at least, until December 19, when romantic Venus turns retrograde for six weeks, a once-every-18-months transit that can disrupt the harmony of friendships, relationships and general goodwill.

If that’s not enough of a galactic Grinch trying to steal Christmas, December 24 will serve up the third of 2021’s three challenging Saturn-Uranus squares, which could pull you between dueling desires for freedom and control. Luckily, auspicious Jupiter comes through on December 28, shifting into Pisces and your relationship house, blessing your inner circle and bringing in a lovely new crop of supportive people. There’s much to look forward to in 2022, Virgo, so stay out of the worry zone and focus on the exciting future you DO want to create next year.

The Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21

Hunker down, Virgo. Until December 21, the Sun is roving through Sagittarius, your fourth house of home and family, making this a cozy, sentimental time. For the first three weeks of the month, indulge in some serious self-care and nesting (which are one and the same under this influence). Changing up your living room or bedroom can make you feel extra connected to your abode. An idyllic sanctuary can really ground you, so carve out a space and time to honor your feelings, too. Power down early and curl up on the couch with a good book, or soak away stress in a hot bath. A female-identified person could play a key role in events now.

‘Tis the season when family is a constant topic, no matter what your zodiac sign. And as much as the Christmas commercials idealize time with your clan, we all know the reality of hanging out with a group of people who are united by biology rather than chemistry. Rather than forcing yourself to put on a faux-happy face, find ways to spend time with your “chosen family” during Sagittarius season and to connect with a sense of home and roots in the way that works for YOU.

The December 4 Sagittarius solar eclipse will activate your home and family sector

Hope you enjoyed a little rest, Virgo, because the rest of the month will be quite active in the skies. It all starts on December 4, when a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius sweeps through your fourth house of home and family. Since solar eclipses occur at new moons, this eclipse could announce a bold new chapter in your personal life, potentially out of the blue. It could be as major as a move or the sale of property. Maybe you’ll decide to do a massive redecorating. (P.S. If you’re relocating or redoing your space, check out our Home Reset course on Feng Shui and astrology at https://astrostyle.com/homereset.)

This is the grand finale in an eclipse series that’s spread across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis since May 5, 2020, bringing seismic change to your domestic and professional spheres. Over the past 18 months, you may have completely transformed your living space, career path and approach to leadership. Many Virgos (finally) gained some mastery over setting boundaries with family or integrating work and life.

Today’s new moon is also the fourth and final Sagittarius eclipse in this series. Look back to the other three, which were on June 4 and December 14, 2020, and May 26, 2021: You’ll see clues of what could come together now.

Passion and tempers erupt at the December 8 Mars-Jupiter square

Stop before you hit overwhelm, Virgo! Yes, you want to get everything prepared and squared away for the holidays, but your multitasking could verge into maniacal terrain today. With driven Mars in your overthinking third house clashing with expansive Jupiter in your sector of details, you might be holding too much info in your head at once. Not to mention that your controlling impulses will also be in overdrive and it will be hard to stop yourself from going down those perfectionistic rabbit holes. Even you have your limits, so write things down, find an app to help or delegate the bits that don’t require your personal touch. You’ll be more efficient AND keep your cerebral circuitry intact.

The December 18 Gemini full moon catalyzes your career

A brief reprieve from the hibernating vibe comes on December 18, when the year’s only Gemini full moon illuminates your ambitious tenth house, which could bring accolades or a leadership opportunity that wraps up the year with a bow.

The Gemini full moon can end the year with a crowning career moment. Perhaps you’ve been toiling away at your desk for hours or plotting your ascent with the meticulousness of a Swiss watchmaker. Now you have something big to celebrate. You could be offered a prestigious promotion, given a well-deserved raise or tapped to share your expertise in some way. What a way to close out the year! This full moon marks an important turning point: By reaching the top of the mountain, you naturally want to figure out what’s next (after that glass of champagne). Or you may decide to part ways with a current position and embark on a whole new career path since full moons can bring endings. Whatever the development, it’s sure to be important.

Even better? The full moon will form a helpful trine to lucky Jupiter this year, which is in Aquarius and your systematic sixth house. Not only are you given a chance to see how much you’ve accomplished in 2021, but you can also create a steady formula for repeating that success. The sixth house rules helpful people, and for you at this full moon, the perfect supporter for Team Virgo could appear divinely. Visualize the kind of backup you need, ask the universe (and your network) and see what happens!


Capricorn season starts December 21

Shake off those homebody blahs, Virgo! On December 21, the Sun moves into Capricorn, your fifth house of passion, glamour and creativity. Under this monthlong solar cycle, the Sun’s radiant presence has you feeling festive and generous—a perfect way to finish the year. You’re ready to get back in front of the camera, out among the people and to have a dose of well-deserved fun as you ring in 2022.


But…love planet Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn December 19 to January 29

The indulgent thrills promised by Capricorn season could come to a screeching semi-halt on December 19, when romantic Venus turns retrograde (backward) in Capricorn, your fifth house of flirtations and flings, until January 29. Former loves could come storming back onto the scene, perhaps contacting you with a not-so-tentative proposal to reunite or a missive that tests the amorous waters. For couples, this choppy six-week cycle can create dramatic reactions, especially if one too many holiday cocktails gets consumed. The rum-soaked “truth serum” varietal of your eggnog could be laced with some viscous barbs when harmonious Venus goes rogue.

Astro-fact: Every eight years, Venus retrograde cycles back to the same sign—meaning it was last retrograde in Capricorn in December 2013. If you can remember what was happening then, you may see some themes (or even a person) from this era return. Consider it a chance to make more progress on a deep-seated issue that can disrupt healthy relationships.

What does it all mean? Anything that comes up for you now is primed for review. Where do you need to go a little easier on yourself in terms of your expectations of being the “perfect” partner? Where do you need to allow your mate (or a potential mate) to step forward, giving to you in kind? Steer clear of old drama—anything you engage in now should be for the purposes of moving forward. With Venus retrograde syncing up with vengeful Pluto on Christmas, be especially careful not to go full-on Scrooge with your closest people. This is NOT the day to rehash old bitterness and resentment!

The final Saturn-Uranus square of 2021 shakes things up on December 24

Christmas Eve coincides with one of 2021’s most intense transits. The stars serve up the last of this year’s thclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ree challenging Saturn-Uranus 90-degree squares. On February 17 and June 14, rules-obsessed Saturn (in Aquarius and your career house) and rule-breaker Uranus (in Taurus and your first house of identity) formed the first two, with the final installment arriving on December 24.

With structured Saturn playing project manager in your sixth house of work, systems and wellness, you’re in full Virgo “House Whip” mode, ready to activate one of your well-orchestrated plans. But disruptor Uranus in your ninth house of growth, freedom and visionary ideas has a different agenda. Have you boxed yourself into a plan TOO tightly, Virgo? Uranus arrives to rescue you from your own rigidity. At the very least, you’ll be asked (if not forced) to consider outside perspectives. Maybe a new approach, even if it’s just a dollop of one, could spell the difference between “meh” and “magnetic” for your endeavor.

Jupiter returns to Pisces on December 28

Who will be your plus-one as you sashay into 2022? On December 28, lucky Jupiter will make its second of three auspicious visits to Pisces, staying until May 10, 2022. The cosmic maximalist has been spending the last few months in Aquarius and your analytical, orderly house. That might have been great for your work life or brought some outstanding new players aboard Team Virgo.

Now committed partnerships are the new frontier as Jupiter reenters Pisces and your seventh house of companionship and committed relationships. Over the next four months, you could find yourself attracted to someone wildly different from your usual “type” or feeling ready to take that next big step (leap?) into more official waters. For longtime couples, this Jupiter cycle can move you into new roles or, in some cases, lead to an amicable parting of ways. Either way, the pandemic has shifted the way people “do” relationships, so a refreshed approach is in order—and expansive Jupiter will deliver just the dose of novelty your union needs!

Jupiter normally stays in one sign for about a year, but in 2021 and 2022, its trajectory is weaving between a couple different signs. Jupiter’s first visit to Pisces was from May 13 to July 28, 2021. Look back to the spring and summer for clues of what could be ahead as the calendar turns!

New Year’s Eve: Stay home or go out? 

Home for the holiday? With the moon back in Sagittarius and your cozy fourth house this New Year’s Eve, part of you may want to stay close to base camp to ring in 2022. But with four planets in Capricorn and your festive, fun-loving fifth house—and stressful Mars in Sagittarius cranking up tension under your roof—getting out for a bit (safely) would probably be a wiser idea than playing host this year. With adventurous Jupiter in your relationship zone now, this could be a romantic end to 2021, whether you’re with a current love or just open to meeting someone new.

Love and relationships are in the air this month—along with a lot of feelings. Romantic Venus is continuing its extra-long visit to Capricorn and your passionate, heart-opening fifth house from November 5 to March 6, although its retrograde later in the month (more on that momentarily) can disrupt the blissful vibes. And on December 28, lucky Jupiter returns to Pisces for a four-month spin through your relationship house, which could bring an exciting new companionship or a fresh approach to the one you’re in.

You’re in a talkative mood for the first part of December, thanks to spicy Mars in Scorpio and your communication zone. Then, from December 13 to January 24, Mars will move into Sagittarius and your domestic zone, on the heels of a December 4 solar eclipse here. You might be meeting the family for the holidays, exchanging keys or even talking “baby talk.” For longtime couples, this Mars cycle can stir up tension under your roof or squabbles about family, which is always a holiday season hazard. Make a special effort to keep your home a no-fighting zone (and to work out your differences in the boudoir whenever you can!).

Now let’s talk about the month’s big love challenge: Venus turning retrograde in Capricorn and your romance sector from December 19 to January 29. This once-every-18-months cycle can disrupt the harmony of your closest bonds for six weeks, giving you second thoughts about a love affair or rousing drama. With gracious Venus out of service, it can be harder to extend the benefit of the doubt to people, especially your closest loved ones. Make an effort to do that and you’ll avoid the petty squabbles that spiral into much bigger blowouts now. Go easy on the drinks at holiday parties because with Venus retrograde in this indulgent zone, you could quickly pass the point of no return.

Get your message out there, Virgo! Activator Mars is in Scorpio and your third house of communication until December 13, helping you advocate for what you want. The squeaky wheel gets the premium-grade sleigh oil this holiday season. Circle the December 18 Gemini new moon as a power date to close out 2021 with a career victory as these manifesting moonbeams will sweep through your tenth house of professional victories and success.

Got an idea for a cottage industry? The December 4 Sagittarius solar (new moon) eclipse fires up your domestic zone and, when Mars moves into Sagittarius from December 13 to January 24, a home-based business idea could take off at warp speed. No need to go it alone either! When lucky Jupiter moves into Pisces and your partnership zone for four months on December 28, you could attract an auspicious alliance, perhaps before the year closes out!

Love Days: 6, 10

Money Days: 17, 27

Luck Days: 15, 25

Off Days: 12, 22, 8

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