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This Luxe Facial Oil Is Like Three Products In One

Sweater weather is officially here, and while that is great news for fashion, it’s not necessarily so amazing for my skin. Like clockwork, every year when late September hits my skin starts to feel much drier, looks duller, and is just all around a tad bit blah.

Typically, as a beauty editor, I take this as a sign that I need to switch-up my routine—AKA add in ingredients that are much more hydrating, nourishing, and replenishing than those I swipe on during the summer months. But this fall, instead of relying on an entire arsenal of products, I opted to try one universal skincare staple that promised to tackle all of my concerns. Enter: Guerlain Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil. And—spoiler alert—it did not disappoint.

Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil



The Ingredients Are Serious

Made up of 95 percent naturally derived ingredients, Guerlain’s latest launch combines the benefits of a serum, essence, and facial oil all in one honey-colored, recyclable vessel. And I’m finding this new watery facial oil to be a game changer for my skin.

On the formula front, its is a lightweight yet hard-working blend of science-backed, proprietary ingredients. Among them is what the brand calls “black bee repair technology,” a blend of four sustainably sourced honeys from around the world (specifically, locations in France, Greece, and Finland). This ultra-refined mixture purports to support healthy skin and make it look smoother.

The ingredient list also includes Guerlain’s exclusive “royal jelly,” which helps nourish and prevent dryness, and commiphora oil, which melts into and moisturizes skin on contact. Not only does this watery oil leave behind a radiant finish, but it also visibly hydrates and plumps skin.

The Texture Is Ultra Luxe

Here’s the fun part—before applying, you have to tilt the bottle in order to distribute the beaded microdroplets of oil and “activate” the formula. When testing it out, I cleansed my face thoroughly then squeezed two to three drops into the palms of my hands before massaging into my face, neck, and décolletage.

Post application, the texture felt silky (read: non-greasy) and was super fast-absorbing, making it the perfect step before finishing the rest of my routine (such as a treatment serum or SPF).

The Scent Is Incredible

Perhaps my favorite part of all? The smell. The delicate-yet-elegant sun-drenched nectar scent of the oil is divine. Not surprisingly, the brand’s legendary in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser is behind it. P.S. Thierry, if you are reading this, I humbly request this scent in a perfume or candle version, please!

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