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The Best Hotels, Beaches, and Nightclubs

Everything you’ve heard about Ibiza is true. It’s a lovely, exotic escape where late dinners turn into deep conversations that lead to unplanned club visits at midnight, despite the fact that the party doesn’t really start until 3 A.M. While the Spanish island’s nightlife is undoubtedly legendary, it has so much more to offer. Thanks to the five-star Ibiza Gran Hotel, I was able to get a closer look at its rich culture, gastronomy, and arts, as well as a trip to its sister island, Formentera, to learn about ocean conservation efforts. Here’s what to see, as well as where to eat, drink, and stay.

What to See

Vellmarí Diving Center

vellmari association

Courtesy Vellmari Association

Manu San Félix, a National Geographic photographer and marine biologist, founded the Vellmarí Diving Center to promote conservation research and marine education. After a scenic boat ride to Formentera, you’ll dive into the Mediterranean Sea to learn about the Posidonia, possibly see an animal or two, and gain a better appreciation of our seas and oceans.

Maria B. Ceramics

maria b ceramics

Courtesy of Maria B. Ceramics

You must (must!) visit Maria Sejas Balda’s studio to see her one-of-a-kind creations in person. After discovering her passion for ceramics just a few years ago, the artist’s work can now be found in places like Ibiza’s Michelin-starred restaurant La Gaia (more on that below). Each of her handcrafted pieces has a unique feature that sets it apart from the others. You won’t regret finding room in your suitcase for at least one item to bring home.

Dalt Vila

dalt villa

Jaime Reina/AFP/Getty Images

This UNESCO World Heritage site, also known as Ibiza’s old town, is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see, hands down. I highly recommend walking instead of driving. Its ancient structures, cobblestone streets, and breathtaking views are worth the extra steps. (Remember to wear comfortable shoes.)

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Where to Eat

La Gaia by Óscar Molina

la gaia

Courtesy of Ibiza Gran Hotel

Upscale dining awaits you at Ibiza Gran Hotel’s flagship restaurant, La Gaia by Óscar Molina. Local raw materials and natural resources are at the forefront of its creative offerings. You can opt for a one delicious meal, but may I suggest you try a bit of everything? Chef Óscar Molina, one of the best chefs in Spain, and his team put together mouth-watering tasting menus that will take you on a unique culinary journey like you’ve never had before. After all, there’s a reason why the restaurant has a Michelin star and two suns from the Repsol Guide. PSA: leave room for dessert.

Finca La Plaza

finca la plaza

Courtesy of Finca La Plaza

Some people may be tempted to gatekeep Finca La Plaza, but I’ve got you covered. The romantic lighting, rustic vibes, and its location at the center of Santa Gertrudis are perfect for a great conversation over a good meal. This gem offers new dishes every two weeks, seasonal ingredients, and a carefully selected wine list to keep your heart content.

Zuma Ibiza

zuma, ibiza gran hotel

Courtesy of Ibiza Gran Hotel

Zuma has locations all over the world, including Ibiza. The contemporary Japanese cuisine is designed to be shared, and the moody ambience is the perfect backdrop for casual dining and drinking. Book a table where you can take in the breathtaking views of Dalt Vila.

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Where to Drink

Beachouse Ibiza

beachhouse ibiza

Courtesy of Beachhouse Ibiza

It’s a beach, restaurant, and bar all in one. What more could you want? Beachouse Ibiza is a place where you can easily lose track of time, so plan accordingly. Aside from the Mediterranean cuisine, the wines and cocktails are excellent. You can sip your drink from a beach bed or on the open-air terrace.

Club Chinois

club chinois

Rusne Draz

When you envision Club Chinois, think of good drinks and a disco ball at the center of the dance floor. The team behind London’s iconic Park Chinois brought this intimate and exclusive nightclub to life. Grab a table behind the DJ for a night to remember.


pacha nightclub


Is an Ibiza travel guide complete without mentioning the island’s legendary Pacha nightclub? It’s been unmatched for decades, pioneering all things dance and culture in the area. The euphoric energy alone will keep you awake way past your bedtime (trust me).

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Where to Stay

Ibiza Gran Hotel

ibiza gran hotel

Courtesy of Ibiza Gran Hotel

If you look up luxury and wellness in the dictionary, there’s a good chance you’ll see an image of Ibiza Gran Hotel. It’s packed with details that make it impossible to duplicate. Take, for instance, the property’s exclusive art pieces, some of which hang from the ceiling in the lobby. The loft-style suites are designed to make you feel at ease, from a spacious living area to an indoor jacuzzi, and you can dial it back even more with an experience at Open Spa, the hotel’s wellness center. If you’re planning a special trip, ask the staff about the spectacular Gran Suites for ultra-luxe accommodations.

Mikasa Ibiza

mikasa ibiza

Courtesy of Island Hospitality

Holistic living is at the core of Mikasa Ibiza. Guests are encouraged to follow an environmentally-friendly routine, and its restaurant features exclusively plant-based bites. Each of the 16 rooms is designed to feel like a mini retreat inspired by the seasons and different moons.

Casa Pacha Formentera

casa pacha

Salva Lopez for Pacha Group

Enjoy a stay at Casa Pacha if you’re hoping to recharge on Ibiza’s sister island of Formentera. Its essence thrives on simplicity, with each room boasting a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you’re hoping to stay active by participating in exercise classes or stay cool by the beach bar, there’s something for everyone here.

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Beauty Picks

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The whimsical Spanish fashion brand may be known for its quirky clothes; however, it makes standout signature fragrances, too. Anthesis is an aquatic scent that mixes florals, pear, rhubarb, and finishes off with sandalwood for a light but distinct summer fragrance—perfect for lounging at the beach or partying the night away.

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