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The Bear Season 3 Cast News Date Spoilers

Spoilers below.

The Bear has returned for season 2 and turned the heat up high. The Chicago-set kitchen drama centers on esteemed chef Carmy as he transforms his late brother’s sandwich shop into the latest entry in the city’s fine dining scene (with hopes of even receiving a Michelin star). But the renovation is a lot harder and more expensive than expected. They only have six months to makeover the restaurant, revamp its menu, formally train its staff, meet safety standards, and attract customers, all while grappling with personal traumas.

After winning hearts with its first season last summer, the series from co-showrunners Christopher Storer and Joanna Calo picks up with an exceptional second course that digs deeper into its characters and the beast that is the restaurant business. While exploring Carmy’s chaotic family dynamic and Sydney’s desire to succeed, the series also asks, what happens when personal life gets in the way of work?

If you finished streaming the 10 new episodes, it’s likely you’re hungry for more. Here’s what we know about whether The Bear is getting another season.

Was The Bear renewed for season 3?

It’s still unclear. Around the time of the season 2 premiere, cast member Lionel Boyce (Marcus) said he didn’t even know if a third season was confirmed.

“I would like to see [Marcus] go through anything as long as we get a Season 3,” he told Distractify. “I feel the same way as I did after Season 1, where it finished and I was like, ‘I truly don’t know where the show’s gonna go.’”

He also told Deadline, “All the writers do such a great job of arcing out specific stories for each character, so I’m excited to see where they’ll take it.”

For now, we continue waiting for the official announcement from FX. For reference, the season 2 renewal announcement came three weeks after The Bear first premiered. The second season then began streaming nearly a year later, on June 22, 2023.

Who will be in the cast?

FX has yet to confirm who would come back for season 3, but we can assume that the cast will include Jeremy Allen White as Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, Ayo Edebiri as Sydney Adamu, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Richard “Richie” Jerimovich.

The next season will likely also feature Abby Elliott as Natalie “Sugar” Berzatto, Lionel Boyce as pastry chef Marcus, Liza Colón-Zayas as sous chef Tina, Matty Matheson as Neil Fak, Edwin Lee Gibson as Ebraheim, and Oliver Platt as Cicero a.k.a. Uncle Jimmy. We still don’t know if Molly Gordon will return as Claire, Carmy’s new (ex) girlfriend.

Season 2 included an impressive number of cameos: Jamie Lee Curtis as Donna, Carmy and Natalie’s mother; Jon Bernthal as Mikey, Carmy and Natalie’s late brother; Will Poulter as Luca, Carmy’s fellow chef based in Copenhagen who tutors Marcus; Sarah Paulson as Cousin Michelle; John Mulaney as Stevie; Bob Odenkirk as Uncle Lee; Olivia Colman as Chef Terry; and Gillian Jacobs as Richie’s estranged wife Tiff. It’s also unclear if they’ll be back next season, though we’d love to see them again.

What would The Bear season 3 be about?

While we await a formal synopsis, we can look to the season 2 finale for clues. The new and improved The Bear restaurant finally opens to friends and family, and though the customers are pleased with their delicious meals and unbeatable service, trouble brewed behind the scenes: Carmy got locked in the walk-in refrigerator, Claire breaks up with him, and Richie berates him for not accepting the good things in his life. His and Natalie’s mother arrives to the opening but ultimately decides not to step inside, fearing she’ll ruin the night for her kids. With only one night down, the biggest question going forward is: Will The Bear manage to stay open?

There are a few loose ends outside of the restaurant, too. Natalie, who found out she’s pregnant in season 2, could likely give birth in season 3. Speaking of family, Marcus missed several missed calls from his mother’s nurse in the season 2 finale. What news will she have to share with him? And will he and Syd ever end up going on a real date? As for Carmy, could he have a second chance with Claire, or will he cut himself off from “amusement” and solely focus on the restaurant? We’ll have to wait and see.

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