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The 14 Best Places to Buy Used Designer Bags, According to Experts

For fashion lovers on a budget, there’s no better feeling than being complimented on your bag, only to further explain that it’s a designer bag you didn’t pay full price for. There are several reasons secondhand shopping is so trendy right now. Not only do you save money on amazing, durable pieces that transcend seasonal trends, but it’s a more sustainable way to shop, and you’ll probably find something a little more unique than you would just going to the store.

You don’t have to dig through piles and piles of junk at estate sales to find these gems, either (unless that’s what you’re into, of course). Several sites have popped up over the years, offering an easy online shopping experience that feels as effortless as regular e-commerce. Proving authenticity can be difficult, but there are ways to use your best judgment when it comes to finding real luxury goods. But, in case your best judgment isn’t quite on par, we asked experts in the field to share the best tips to find quality luxury goods on the secondhand market.

Luxury is an investment, and just like any investment, you should educate yourself before jumping into anything. So take notes and learn fast, because once you start finding gems, you won’t want to stop!

First things first, do your homework

“Researching is the key to making a successful secondhand purchase,” says Charles Gorra, CEO and founder of resale platform Rebag. “If you don’t have dozens of tabs open on your web browser, then it’s possible you haven’t done enough research.” He suggests checking blogs and forums for peer-to-peer reviews and cross-comparing resale sites to ensure prices are legit. Remember the age-old adage: If it seems too good to be true—i.e. the bag costs way below its resale market value—it probably is.

Buy from reputable sellers

The best types of sellers tend to have detailed descriptions of the bag with plenty of information, plus a variety of photos showcasing it at different angles. Gorra suggests looking for “sellers that are responsive and willing to give more information.” You’re looking for complete transparency from the seller because they should have nothing to hide. Sasha Skoda, head of The RealReal’s women’s department, agrees. “If you’re investing in a luxury handbag, you want to be positive you’re buying from a legitimate source that authenticates bags and has an authenticity guarantee,” she says. “Make sure you’re clear on the site or seller’s return policy, so you know what your options are if something is off.”

Know the value of your bag

“You will get back a substantial ROI for a luxury brand, compared to an aspirational luxury brand,” says Gorra. Chanel’s flap bags and Hermès Birkins are classic handbag styles because their superior quality makes them outlast others. Skoda shares the same sentiment, noting, “Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Prada, and Goyard are some of [The RealReal’s] most popular handbag designers—and that demand translates into strong resale value for consignors.”

When it comes to contemporary labels, you’re likely to get more bang for your buck. “If you’re hunting for a great deal, consider a style that speaks to you but is from a few seasons back (like the Loewe Puzzle Bag or The Row Hunting Bag) or bags from more emerging designers—we love Staud and Cult Gaia,” says Skoda.

The last option is going vintage. With brands like Dior dipping into the archives for inspiration and reissuing iconic shapes like the Saddle, “the participation of brands in ‘vintage revival’ has resulted in the popularization of the original vintage pieces, thus increasing their resale value within the market,” says Gorra. You’re still on-trend because what’s old is always new again, but at a fraction of the cost.

Now that you’ve had a quick 101 lesson on shopping secondhand, use your newfound knowledge to shop the 14 reputable sites below.


Known for: Multilayered evaluation criteria.

The idea behind Rebag is to refresh your wardrobe constantly. Here, you’ll find everything from hard-to-get Kelly bags to kooky Chanel accessories you only saw on the runway. It’s a veritable candy shop of designer goods, where every item is examined by an in-house team that inspects, vets, and approves all bags sold.

Vintage Full Flap Bag

Chanel Vintage Full Flap Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Indy Hobo Guccissima Leather Bag

Gucci Indy Hobo Guccissima Leather Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Hourglass Chain Wallet

Balenciaga Hourglass Chain Wallet

Now 33% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Belted Woven Leather Tote

Bottega Veneta Belted Woven Leather Tote
Credit: Courtesy


Known for: Connecting design lovers of all industries.

1stdibs, a mega destination for antique furniture, jewelry, art, and fashion, can feel a little daunting at first. Think of this online marketplace as the middleman between you and vetted shops and galleries around the world. Treat it as a one-stop destination for that Roly Poly chair you’ve been eyeing on Instagram, authentic vintage fashion in incredible condition, and designer bags at every price point.

Phoebe Philo-Era Beaded Crystral Bracelet Bag

Chloe Phoebe Philo-Era Beaded Crystral Bracelet Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Leopard Print Hobo Bag

Saint Laurent Leopard Print Hobo Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Medusa Brown Leather Crossbody

Gianni Versace Medusa Brown Leather Crossbody
Credit: Courtesy

Beige Snakeskin Handbag

Salvatore Ferragamo Beige Snakeskin Handbag
Credit: Courtesy


Known for: A competitive hype market.

Recently expanding from its sneaker roots (also an active re-sale marketplace) to include bags in its stock market-like format, StockX is where the hypebaes shop. Once you find a bag you love, you can place a bid below the asking price and wait for the seller to approve. It’s similar to eBay’s “make an offer” option versus “buy it now.”

Chain Cassette Crossbody Bag

Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette Crossbody Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Soft 16 Bag

Celine Soft 16 Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Goya Shoulder Bag

Loewe Goya Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Yayoi Kusama Speedy Bandouliere

Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Speedy Bandouliere
Credit: Courtesy

The RealReal

Known for: In-house curation and authentication.

Based in San Francisco, this tech-first company is one of the most well-known resale sites. Browsing the plethora of consigned goods on The RealReal is all about spontaneous discovery, with offerings like handbags, clothing, and even housewares. Its brick-and-mortar locations are a playground of quirky styles, and the Soho store even has a secret Hermès vault filled to the ceiling with colorful Birkins.

Monogram Pochette Accessories

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pochette Accessories

Now 54% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Nappa Gaufre Tote

Prada Nappa Gaufre Tote
Credit: Courtesy

Vintage Leather Saddle Bag

Christian Dior Vintage Leather Saddle Bag

Now 59% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Goyardine Plumet Crossbody Bag

Goyard Goyardine Plumet Crossbody Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Vestiaire Collective

Known for: Authenticated pre-owned luxury goods, not vintage.

Vestiaire Collective is a community of over 3 million users both buying and selling pre-owned items. Once you add items to your cart, the product goes through rigorous authentication and quality control processes to ensure it’s exactly what you expected before it’s sent to you. If any issues occur and there are discrepancies about the product’s description, the company will help you and the seller haggle the price down, too.

Baguette Patent Leather Handbag

Fendi Baguette Patent Leather Handbag
Credit: Courtesy

Glam Slam Leather Handbag

Maison Martin Margiela Glam Slam Leather Handbag
Credit: Courtesy

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Saint Laurent

Now 10% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Crystal Leather Mini Bag

Miu Miu Crystal Leather Mini Bag
Credit: Courtesy


Known for: A focus on iconic, rare, and collector pieces.

Founded by two former fashion editors, Paris-based Re-SEE offers a highly curated selection of covetable secondhand and rare vintage bags. You won’t have to sift through pages of seemingly identical Neverfulls and 2.55s to find a special piece that’s effortlessly trendy. Each item is handpicked by its editors, then authenticated and restored by a team of experts in an effort to make sure that great fashion stays in circulation.

Crocodile Fringe Crossbody

Balmain Crocodile Fringe Crossbody

Now 30% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Rare Alligator Shoulder Bag

Alaia Rare Alligator Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Chocolate 'Wander' Alligator Bag

The Row Chocolate ‘Wander’ Alligator Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Vintage Burgundy Lizard Constance

Hermès Vintage Burgundy Lizard Constance
Credit: Courtesy


Known for: New and pre-owned designer pieces.

Farfetch is one of the luxury e-commerce forces that brought pre-owned items back to the forefront of fashion. Ever since the global platform—which connects shoppers with independent boutiques around the world—rolled out its Second Life designer bag selling program in 2019, the site has become a destination to find some of the most iconic vintage bags out there. Whether you’re looking for pristine Hermès Kellys from the ’70s, iconic Chanel styles from the ’90s, or that limited-issue Dior bag you just couldn’t manage to get your hands on, you can find it at Farfetch.

Mini FF Plaque Croissant Handbag

Fendi Mini FF Plaque Croissant Handbag
Credit: Courtesy

House Check Mini Bag

Burberry House Check Mini Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Diamond-Quilted Belt Bag

Chanel Pre-Owned Diamond-Quilted Belt Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Kelly Séllier 28 Two-Way Bag

Hermes Kelly Séllier 28 Two-Way Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Bag Borrow or Steal

Known for: A unique business model.

We all remember Bag Borrow or Steal’s iconic cameo in the Sex and the City movie back in 2008, and the service is still going strong over a decade later. While it still offers rentals (like the one Jennifer Hudson’s character took advantage of), you can also opt to buy a bag.

Mini Pouch Bag

Bottega Veneta Mini Pouch Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Belted Shoulder Bag

Tod’s Belted Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Box Wallet on Chain Bag

Givenchy Box Wallet on Chain Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Incognito Small Satchel

Marc Jacobs Incognito Small Satchel

Now 50% Off

Credit: Courtesy


Known for: A user-driven, organic marketplace.

Thanks to a rigorous authentication program, you can now be assured that the luxury bag you finally tracked down on eBay is worthy of a bid. Any listing stamped with the marketplace’s “Authenticity Guarantee” goes through a multi-point physical inspection by eBay’s team of authenticators and receives an NFC-enabled authentication card for you to learn more about your bag.

Mini Bag

Loewe Mini Bag
Credit: Courtesy

VSling Shoulder Bag

Valentino VSling Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Leather All Soft Shoulder Bag

Celine Leather All Soft Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Marmont Handbag

Gucci Marmont Handbag
Credit: Courtesy

What Goes Around Comes Around

Known for: High-fashion secondhand shopping experience.

WGACA is one of Los Angeles and New York City’s most beloved vintage stores. It makes sense, then, that it’s frequented by celebs like Beyoncé and the Kardashians, who love the tight edit of well-kept Chanels, Guccis, and Saint Laurents of designers’ pasts. It feels like shopping from someone’s (really good) personal closet, in pristine condition. These high standards mean you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

Black Nova Check Coated Canvas Larkin Hobo

Burberry Black Nova Check Coated Canvas Larkin Hobo
Credit: Courtesy

Black Nylon Messenger Bag

Prada Black Nylon Messenger Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Borneo Green Epi Noé Petite

Louis Vuitton Borneo Green Epi Noé Petite
Credit: Courtesy

Pink Zucchino Canvas Mama

Fendi Pink Zucchino Canvas Mama
Credit: Courtesy


Known for: High customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1999, Fashionphile originally started off selling high-end items on eBay before it became the luxury resale giant it is today. You can buy and sell on its sleek site simultaneously, meaning you can use your credit to fuel your continuing fashion addiction. If you happen to be in California, its three real-life stores are not to be missed; for city dwellers, there’s a newly opened 60,000-square-foot HQ in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. Fashionphile also partnered with Neiman Marcus, redefining the resale industry as an inclusive experience, dubbing the venture as a new strategy for “re-commerce.”

Nappa Rockstud Spike Wallet

Valentino Garavani Nappa Rockstud Spike Wallet
Credit: Courtesy

Natural Calfskin Triomphe Shoulder Bag

Celine Natural Calfskin Triomphe Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Calfskin Crocodile Embossed Downtown Shoulder Bag

Balenciaga Calfskin Crocodile Embossed Downtown Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Nappa Matelasse Chain Flap Shoulder Bag Dalia

Miu Miu Nappa Matelasse Chain Flap Shoulder Bag Dalia
Credit: Courtesy

Yoogi’s Closet

Known for: Professionally examined goods.

There’s always something new to browse over at Yoogi’s Closet. The authenticating process involves sellers sending in bags, which are then examined and photographed before the team posts them on the site for you to shop. This site is known for top-notch customer service, so you can be certain you’re in good hands.

Brown Woven Leather Frame Top Shoulder Bag

Bottega Veneta Brown Woven Leather Frame Top Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Beaded Fringe Lady D-Joy Bag

Christian Dior Beaded Fringe Lady D-Joy Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Quilted Patent Leather Mini Flap Bag

Chanel Quilted Patent Leather Mini Flap Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Burgundy Calfskin Leather Medium Padlock Zip Tote Bag

Alexander McQueen Burgundy Calfskin Leather Medium Padlock Zip Tote Bag
Credit: Courtesy

The Luxury Closet

Known for: A wide-range of pieces and global reach.

With discounts up to 90 percent off retail value, you don’t want to miss out on The Luxury Closet. Based in Dubai, the retailer focuses on everything from designer shoes, clothing, and, notably, handbags—you can find it all! Specifically, peep the wide-ranging selection, from classic LVs to Gucci’s collaboration with Comme des Garçons.

Python & Lizard Leather Miss Sicly Bag

Dolce & Gabbana Python & Lizard Leather Miss Sicly Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Serpenti Forever Crossbody Bag

Bulgari Serpenti Forever Crossbody Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Ginger Leather Hayden Crossbody Bag

Coach Ginger Leather Hayden Crossbody Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Faux Leather and Chainmaille Tiny Falabella Tote

Stella McCartney Faux Leather and Chainmaille Tiny Falabella Tote

Now 20% Off

Credit: Courtesy


Known for: Peer-to-peer business model.

The latest peer marketplace for die-hard and casual style enthusiasts alike, Grailed is a one-stop shop for resale fashion (handbags and beyond). All listings are assessed, authenticated, and stamped as such before they hit the feed—this way, you know that the item you’re buying has not only been fully reviewed but also offers purchase protection. As an extra layer of security, any ‘high-risk’ items (highly sought-after designers or particularly pricey styles) are also required to have photos with authenticity indicators included in the sale posting.

Suzanne Shoulder Bag

Saint Laurent Suzanne Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy

Sling Bag

Vivienne Westwood Sling Bag

Now 66% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Handbag in Green

Valentino Garavani Handbag in Green
Credit: Courtesy

Hand Bag in Black

Thom Browne Hand Bag in Black
Credit: Courtesy
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