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The 12 Best Ring Lights on the Market

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I’ll never forget the time I was interviewing a gorgeous model via Zoom, opened up the video, and was immediately appalled. Sure, she’s a model, and I’m not, but there was still no justification for the fact that she looked luminous, gorgeous, her makeup flawless, and I looked like I opened my front-facing camera by mistake. And then I realized–on top of her insane genetics, she was using a ring light for the call, and I was sitting in front of a window hoping that would make some difference. And that’s when I decided that I needed to buy myself a lighting system.

And the good news is that with so many of us working remotely, the ring light market is bursting at the seams. I use my tripod ring light to flex in meetings, take selfies that make my Instagram followers believe I live in a sun-soaked apartment, and do my makeup with upsetting precision. And yes, maybe I attempt to make a TikTok here and there. So whether you’re trying to get a high-tech set-up for all your influencing needs, or you need an easy light to click on for important meetings, here are 12 great ring lights you really should have bought six months ago.

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Ring Light Kit

If your goal is to be the best-lit person in meetings, on Instagram, and generally everywhere you go, this is the ring light for you. It has a tripod, powerful lighting system, and allows you to change the temperature of the light in case you want a warmer look.


Key Light Air

Don’t worry about finding a quiet area in your apartment to take Zoom calls. Just place one of these (or two, if you’re feeling fancy) behind your computer, and watch it completely illuminate your face. No one will care if the background is noisy if they can see you that clearly.



For all your beauty and visual needs, this insanely powerful light from Glamcor has you covered. You can easily adjust the temperature and brightness which means all your selfies will to die for.


Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

For on-the-go lighting, you can clip this rechargable ring-light to your phone, or even your computer if you want a more compact set-up. It’s surprisingly powerful given it’s size, and all your Instagram followers will want to know your selfie secrets.


10″ Selfie Ring Light

This tripod ring light is ideal if you’re making content, taking amazing photos of yourself, or trying to get the right atmosphere for that work call you’ve been dreading. It has thirty setting in all, so you can be sure you’re looking your best. 


Luminous Selfie Tripod

Imagine that at the press of a button you could be well-lit at all times. That’s what this ring light is offering you. With options like Cool Light, Day Light, and Warm Light, you could trick all your colleagues into thinking you’re taking the Zoom call during golden hour. 


Color-Changing Clip-On Selfie Ring Light Mirror

Clip this color-changing ring light onto your device for that taxi selfie you’ve been trying to get for years. It also comes with a mirror so you can handily check your makeup before snapping a pic.


10” Ring Light

Just sit back, relax, press the button on the handy remote control, and voila, you have taken the perfect selfie. No more running to the camera and back frantically trying to get self-timer mode to work out for you.


Ring Light Kit

On this handy ring light, you can mount a camcorder, digital camera, or your phone for all your visual needs. Did you decide you were going to start a cooking show this year? Well you need to make sure that gnocchi is well-lit.


Selfie Vlog Pro Ring Light And Studio Stand Set

With this ring light you get powerful illumination, a double-sided mirror, and a mount for your phone so you know you look good from every angle. You can use it to do your makeup, take photos, or as a way to light up work video calls.


18″ Cordless Ring Light

This powerful ring light is cordless, so you don’t have to decide whether your computer charger or the light need the power outlet more. It can last up to an hour and a half without being plugged in, which is really the maximum amount of time a meeting should last anyway.


Retractable Ring Light And Phone Holder

This ring light comes on a stand that you can store essentials like lipstick or hair ties, while also providing a phone holder in case you need to take a selfie or two. It’s so convenient that you’ll wonder how your desk ever didn’t have it.

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