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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 15 – 2 1, 2021

Relationships are a complex dance, a never-ending quest to find the right balance between “me” and “we.” Although you’re a grownup who’s learned to share their toys generously most of the time, you’re entitled to keep some parts of your life to yourself. There’s nothing to feel guilty about! Ignoring your need for independence can backfire. That’s especially true this week when firebrand Mars in Scorpio and your partnership zone butts heads with rebellious Uranus in Taurus and your autonomous first house. A close relationship could suddenly make you feel claustrophobic—particularly around Wednesday, when the two planets move into an exact opposition. Don’t deny yourself the breathing room you need! If you start getting cranky or snippy, duck out and refill your self-care tank. Better to reschedule a dinner plan or meeting than to burn a bridge with your combustible mood. The upside of this Mars-Uranus faceoff? A forehead-slapping revelation that you’ve been shortchanging a loved one of quality time. You can make amends by fitting them into your schedule this week and giving them your undivided attention.

Breaking out of your routine will nourish your heart and soul on Friday when playful Venus in Capricorn makes music with indie-spirited Uranus in Taurus. Your wanderlust and appetite for adventure is off the charts, so go for the gusto! Anything too familiar or tried-and-true will only register a reaction of “meh.” Even a quick trip out of town to experience a change of scene can inspire you. And if there’s a cultural or culinary event happening—score! You’re up for meeting creative people, and if you’re currently unattached, who knows what kind of synergy might emerge. An empty schedule and open mind are the only prerequisites to sparking a romantic bonfire!

In case you need another reason to circle Friday, November 19, in red on your calendar, the planets have you covered. That day features 2021’s only Taurus full moon—which also happens to be a show-stopping lunar eclipse, the first to hit your sign since 2014! And the show’s just getting started: This series of eclipses along the Taurus-Scorpio axis will continue until October 2023. Full moons bring your efforts to fruition or a turning point, and eclipses turbocharge their energy. This one in the industrious sign of Taurus is an acknowledgement of all your dedication and labors of the past six months. Don’t be humble, Bull. Step into the spotlight and take a bow! But before your curtain call, use this lunation’s enlightenment to look at WHY you’ve been toiling in the shadows. Owning your accomplishments doesn’t mean you’re being arrogant or prideful. Believe it when friends and colleagues tell you how unique your talent, wisdom and devotion are! Savor the pleasure that comes from a job well done. Let this lunar lift inspire you and see how it feels to turn up the self-promotional volume. Need an assist? Ask a friend to play publicist. Next: On to your lofty goal!

By the weekend, you’ll know where you stand in a special relationship. On Sunday, the Sun slides into Sagittarius and your seductive—but super-serious—eighth house. You play for keeps even on a casual day, and during this monthlong sensual jam session, you’re doubling down on passion. Your libido will be dialed WAY up as the radiant Sun blazes through this permabonding sector, but you won’t be satisfied with anything less than the full mind-body-soul connection. Be upfront in expressing your needs instead of expecting someone to guess what turns you on. Clueing them in is a win-win!

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