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Taurus Monthly Horoscope – Taurus Horoscope for March 2023 From the AstroTwins


You’ve got a lot to say at the beginning of July—and some novel ideas percolating! With the Sun in Cancer and your interactive third house until July 22, you’re the guest that everyone wants on their list and a welcome addition to any brainstorming session. Light up people’s lives at the July 3 Capricorn full moon, which will activate your adventurous and inspiring ninth house. A little holiday travel could refresh your perspective and connect you to some adventurous new friends! 

The first half of the month is especially pivotal for you, as the karmic north node concludes an 18-month visit to Taurus, putting the bow on a shape-shifting phase that began in January 2022. To paraphrase Elphaba from the musical Wicked, “You have been changed for good.” The lunar north node only visits your sign every 18.5 years, and it awakens you to a calling you may not have realized was there! If your life and relationships look entirely different than they did a year and a half ago, don’t be surprised. 

Now on July 17, the lunar nodes move on to the Aries/Libra axis, where they’ll help you tune in to deeper wisdom while also getting organized and healthy. What is your spiritual purpose and mission on this planet, Taurus? You may have a chance to profoundly explore that between now and January 2025.


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You can start that contemplation from the comfort of home, Taurus. On July 22, the Sun moves into Leo and your domestic fourth house for a month, putting the emphasis on self-care, family and your personal life. But there’s a plot twist this year: Your ruling planet, Venus, will start a six-week retrograde, also in Leo, that same day! 

From July 22 until September 3, Chateau Taurus could be fraught with friction, or you may find yourself at odds with a relative or roommate. Thinking of a renovation or decor refresh? Make sure everything can be returned since stylista Venus will be on vacation—along with your normally impeccable taste.

Should this happen, be careful not to fan the flames of conflict. Venus retrograde will point you to places where things can be improved, whether that’s a relationship or the energetic flow of your space. Keep a cool head and a calm demeanor if temperatures indoors start to climb!

It’s Cancer season until July 22

Think, think, think…your mental wheels are turning nonstop! Until July 22, the Sun is in Cancer, heating up your third house of communication and ideas. This is a great time for brainstorming, problem-solving and all kinds of cerebral activities. Conversations can be both fun and productive, so opt for dialogue rather than trying to come up with everything alone. The third house rules kindred spirits, and the Sun here can spark a few dynamic-duo possibilities.

Feeding your curiosity now could lead to some brilliant brainstorms. Need fresh inspo? Crack open summer’s best nonfiction or listen to new podcasts while you run errands. Step away from your desk for a bike ride or a walk through town. Your aha moments are likely to arrive while you’re on the move!

The Capricorn full moon is on July 3

Your attention could be pulled in a global direction early in the month as the July 3 Capricorn full moon lights up your ninth house of expansion, travel and adventure, and your inner wayfarer comes out to play. Even better? This growth-driven full moon will form an opportune 120-degree trine to lucky Jupiter in YOUR sign (and your first house of self). If you’re considering a new path, a change to your appearance or just taking a chance on a solo venture, this is the day to take a bold first step.

One thing’s for sure, Taurus: Destiny is calling your name. It’s finally time to spread your wings, whether you embark on an academic or metaphysical path, start plotting a bucket list trip or roll the dice on an entrepreneurial venture. Bulls are known for their reluctance to leave their familiar pastures, but there’s no turning back now. Let the self-discovery voyage begin!

The north node enters Aries on July 17 

Prepare for a spiritual awakening—and a mind-body-soul revolution! From July 17, 2023, until January 11, 2025, the lunar nodes will move through the Aries/Libra axis, activating your sixth house of health and organization (ruled by Libra) and your twelfth house of healing, closure and retreat (governed by Aries). The next year and a half will spotlight self-care and introspection. 

But the bigger news is that the north node, which travels in reverse order through the zodiac, will be exiting YOUR sign. Since January 2022, you’ve been hosting this heavy lunar node, and frankly, you’re a bit tired from that! There was a lot riding on you as the keeper of the world’s karmic torch. On top of that, you learned so much about yourself. Change was the only constant. Your life, appearance and goals may be unrecognizable from what they were before this 18-month journey. The south node will simultaneously exit Scorpio and your partnership sector today, ending a phase that indelibly imprinted your relationships.

While your life may not be exactly where you want it yet, you have a chance to take all that evolution and integrate it into your life, which could be a welcome relief. And with lucky Jupiter in Taurus until May 2024, your reinvention can really get underway now! 

The July 17 Cancer new moon sparks synergies

On July 17, the new moon in Cancer shines its inspirational light on your third house of language and communication. This is a fantastic day to have a heart-stirring conversation or to post thoughtfully about something that’s been weighing on your mind. Schedule an important pitch meeting or brainstorming session, and then watch for results six months down the line. It’s an excellent day for spreading ideas that are the perfect blend of rational thought and gut-based intuition. It’s also a five-star moment for speaking intelligently and from your heart.

This new moon could bring a kindred spirit into your sphere. If you sense synergy or meet someone whose skills complement yours, take this new moon as a green light to explore that synergy. Conversations today can move from talk to action in the next couple weeks. Be sure to follow up with a message if you meet someone interesting. Since new moons herald fresh starts, you never know where an exciting talk might lead! 

Whiplash! The July 20 Mars-Saturn opposition

Throw a little earth on that fire, Bull. Lusty Mars started blazing through your fifth house of passion, drama and self-indulgence on July 10, sending you on a hedonistic tear for the rest of this month and into August. But today, a crash could occur as structured Saturn opposes the red planet, putting the squeeze on your dalliances and debauchery. 

When impatient Mars and cautious Saturn are opposite each other, it’s like having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. To avoid a case of cosmic whiplash, find ways to have fun that won’t leave you with regrets and messes. An emotionally-charged situation may reach a tipping point, especially in love. Take a step back and act from a place of objective compassion. If you solicit advice, turn to sensible people who won’t fan the flames of your dramas. Maybe think twice before sharing a confession with that gossip-loving friend or colleague?

The Sun enters Leo July 22—and Venus turns retrograde in Leo

The summer soirees slow down on July 22, when the Sun settles into Leo and your domestic fourth house. For the next four weeks, you’re feeling more internal and sensitive—so what if everyone else is flitting from barbecues to the beach to brunches? You long to feel rooted now, both in your physical sanctuary and your emotional shelter. (That doesn’t rule out a beach rental or breakfast in bed, of course.) Don’t force yourself to go out if you’d prefer intimate times at Chez Taurus. Invite your closest family and friends over for tapas and tequila or nest away in solitude as you please. Your talent for doling out the TLC starts with yourself…

But don’t get TOO cozy because peacekeeper Venus—your ruling planet—turns retrograde that very same day (July 22). This six-week phase could send ripples of discontent through your domestic fourth house until September 3. People could be cranky on the home front; you could also clash with an important woman in your life, possibly your mother, a child or another female relative. Perhaps you just feel out of alignment with your own basic needs and desires, e.g., whether or not to start a family, cohabitate or even just to let someone in a little more. 

Hold off on major decisions during Venus retrograde, but definitely take the time to reflect. You’re having these impulses or doubts for a reason. Don’t ignore the simmering issues that you may have swept aside. Most importantly, use this time to reconnect with layers of yourself that you’ve neglected or abandoned. Emotions you haven’t processed, sensitivities you haven’t honored: Those could all be clamoring for some TLC now. Prioritize your own emotional anchoring, Taurus, and the rest will fall into place.

Chiron turns retrograde July 23

Being strong, determined and relentless often solves your problems, but starting on July 23, you may want to experiment with some different approaches. Between now and December 6, the “wounded healer” comet Chiron will be retrograde in Aries and your twelfth house of introspection, psychology and intuition. Chiron doesn’t get a lot of airplay, but when it makes a significant move, things can shift in radical ways, especially if you’re doing “inner work.” 

Everyone has a shadow side, and with Chiron in this position, your explorations may accelerate. Stay positive, Bull, even when things get a little heavy! If you start to feel overwhelmed, Chiron retrograde sounds the call to seek support. Work through any feelings of shame or failure that come up when you lean on someone. No person is an island, no matter how resilient their spirit may be.

The sentimental summer days continue! From June 5 until October 8, magnetic Venus is making an extended trek through Leo, energizing your fourth house of nostalgia and roots. The other love planet, Mars, is also here until July 10, making the first couple weeks of the month extra domestic. Longtime couples could spend time sprucing up your home, sharing your feelings or making memories. If you’re in a newer relationship, you might exchange keys or meet each other’s families. Single Bulls could get busy settling into your home or feeling more at ease within yourself. Your grounded, self-loving energy could attract a secure partner.

If that starts to feel a bit too settled for you, fear not! On July 10, Mars blazes into Virgo until August 27, heating up your fifth house of passion and play. The side of you that loves to dress up and turn heads comes out full force. Without trying, you could start attracting (and exuding) flirtatious energy. Mars only visits here every couple years, so surrender to the magnetic powers of a Hot Bull Summer!

Easy does it, though: With Mars stirring things up in this emotionally charged zone, there might be some drama, or your need for attention could get a little intense. But mostly you can look forward to some seriously sexy moments. Enjoy taking a big bite out of life and living for today!

While it may be tantalizing to make hay (and love) while the sun is shining, be forewarned that Venus will begin a retrograde (backward) spin through Leo on July 22, slowing your romantic roll. Love could blossom for a couple of weeks before possibly hitting the skids or a frustrating slowdown. 

The Venus retrograde period lasts until September 3, impacting your fourth house of home and family. You may have a chance to reflect on how a parent’s attitude toward love has impacted your own beliefs (and behavior). An ex-love could burst back onto the scene—and silver lining: Maybe the timing is actually right now! If there are still feelings on both sides, you could certainly explore. Just avoid making any snap decisions until Venus turns direct (forward) in six weeks. 

Overall, Venus retrograde can be a time when romance goes awry, feelings cool down and people have second thoughts about love. Our normally copious amounts of compassion can go MIA, causing people to be rude, thoughtless and self-centered. But please don’t freak out if you take a temporary timeout or if your emotions swell out of control: This is part of a larger adjustment of you figuring out how love and romance fits into your life on the most foundational level. 

If a certain someone—you, Taurus—hasn’t been getting much of your love, take time during Venus retrograde to prioritize your own needs. Redirect some of the TLC you’ve been giving everyone else toward yourself. Once you’ve refilled your own tanks, you’ll find you have a much greater supply of patience and affection for your inner circle. No matter how much you adore Team Taurus, if you don’t take care of numero uno, you can’t be your best with them.

Get your message out into the world, Taurus! With the Sun in Cancer until July 22, plus a July 3 Capricorn full moon, your communication axis is an active place. Whether you use social media, word of mouth or some other channel, this is an ideal time to make sure you connect your big ideas with the people most interested in them. 

With go-getter Mars moving through Virgo and your creative, expressive fifth house from July 10 to August 27, your talents could attract attention. Stay camera-ready because this is the summer to be a little more visible—at least, until July 22, when your ruler Venus turns retrograde and we all have to dial it down a notch.

Kindred spirits could pop up near the July 17 Cancer new moon, so be proactive. Put the word out to friends and colleagues if you’re searching for someone with a specific skill set. Talk about your ideas more openly when socializing. You never know who could be an intrigued—and lucrative—connection. 

Love Days: 24, 1

Money Days: 16, 8

Luck Days: 14, 5

Off Days: 12, 26, 3

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