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Selena Gomez Unfollowed Zayn Malik on Instagram, Hinting Breakup

Selena Gomez publicly signaled her and Zayn Malik’s rumored romance may have come to an end. The actress quietly unfollowed Malik’s Instagram account, fans noticed today. Celebrity news fan account PopFaction pointed out that Malik was no longer on Gomez’s follower list. She remains on his. PopFaction also pointed out that Gomez additionally unfollowed Malik’s ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid, Hadid’s sister Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Zendaya.

selena gomez no longer following zayn malik as of 132 pm on june 25

Selena Gomez no longer following Zayn Malik as of 1:32 P.M. on June 25

zayn malik still following selena gomez as of 133 pm est on june 25

Zayn Malik still following Selena Gomez as of 1:33 P.M. EST on June 25


Gomez and Malik were seen “kissing” in New York City on March 23. A source told Entertainment Tonight at the time, “Selena and Zayn went out in SoHo in New York City last night at around 10:30 P.M. They walked in holding hands and were kissing. Most restaurant staff and restaurantgoers didn’t notice them. It seemed like they were comfortable together and it was clear that it was a date.”

Gomez and Malik never had another public sighting as widely reported as their first. They were also never photographed together. Gomez spent the last two months in Paris and made it clear on her TikTok in early June that she is “single! I’m just a little high maintenance, ” yet still ready to mingle with soccer players there.

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Neither Gomez nor Malik ever expressly commented on the dating rumors between them. A source did tell Us Weekly in late March that Malik’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter Khai, Gigi Hadid, was unbothered by Gomez and Malik dating.

“Gigi has no problem whatsoever with Zayn dating,” the source said. “As long as he is happy and stable and continues to be a good coparent to [their daughter] Khai, she’s fine with whoever he goes out with.”

Hadid, of course, is reportedly currently seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in “a friendly, no-strings ‘situationship.’”

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