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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF October 18 – 2 4, 2021

Welcome back, Sagittarius! This Monday, October 18, could feel like a reawakening as two planets wrap up their retrogrades. First to pivot back into power mode is your ruler, magnanimous Jupiter, which wraps a four-month backspin and speeds ahead in Aquarius and your third house of communication until December 28. A little later in the day, messenger Mercury corrects course in your eleventh house of teamwork and tech after three frustrating weeks. Scrambled signals, begone! If your recent compliments came across as backhanded or your Tweets more like drags, take the high road and apologize. (Do it Monday, while forthright Mars trines Jupiter and buoys your courage!) The rest of 2021 opens a uniquely powerful window to evaluate your messaging and grow your network. Writing and media projects get a powerful push from Jupiter, the planet that rules publishing. If you feel like you could benefit from some coaching, enroll in a public speaking or writing course, or take some workshops on things like social media and digital marketing. Trust the experts, of course; but remember to always consult your own wise intuition. All the data in the world is no substitute for vibing out the perfect moment to send an email or speak up in a meeting. And since the third house rules hometown happenings, you’ll enjoy hanging out locally and getting to know your neighbors better. Get your name on invite lists and make a point of showing up regularly. It won’t take more than a couple recurring visits before you’re the unofficial mayor of a new favorite venue!

You’re simply irresistible this Wednesday, when the year’s only Aries full moon illuminates your fifth house of passion, glamour and fame. You won’t need to practice flashing a killer smile or dropping witty lines because you’ll be overflowing with charisma and animal magnetism. (If you could find a way to bottle this, you’d be an overnight multimillionaire.) So, here’s the real question: What do you want to get out of all this? Are you looking for a new love, to put a creative passion project into the world, or maybe you’ve got bambinos on the brain? (This realm rules fertility, for the record.) Full moons bring completions and turning points, so in the two weeks following this lunar lift, you may see the results you’ve been hoping for. But the clearer you are about what you want to manifest, the more likely you’ll be to reel in exactly that—and then some!

Watch who you label a “friend” on Friday when provocateur Mars exchanges harsh words with domineering Pluto. Someone who is failing to return your calls might actually be undermining your efforts. That’s where you draw the line, but before you go mano-a-mano with THEM, stop and do some behind-the-scenes sleuthing. This isn’t a good day to confront anyone, but you can rack up some evidence as you build your case. Meeting people for the first time? Under these edgy skies, personality clashes might be more prevalent, so have some “nonpartisan” subjects at the ready.

On Saturday, the Sun dips into Scorpio and your twelfth house of “internal affairs” for the next four weeks. This is your annual monthlong retreat—on whatever level you choose to enact it—but the bottom line is that you get a chance to recoup and recover from this crazy year and fully recharge your batteries. You won’t need to concoct excuses to put yourself and your own oft-ignored needs first. Now is a perfect time to heal old wounds or shadowy emotions that are holding you back. This way, you’ll be in fine form when el Sol enters your sign (on November 21) and kicks off the most exciting period of your year, Sag season!

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