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Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode Release Schedule

Reservation Dogs is coming to an end. The series created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi about Indigenous teens living in rural Oklahoma won hearts when it premiered in the summer of 2021, mostly thanks to its humor, four leading friends, and authentic portrayal of Native American life. Two years later, the acclaimed series is drawing to a close with its third and final season.

Paulina Alexis, who stars as the foul-mouthed but lovable Willie Jack, said the cast found out the show was ending during production on season 3. “Sterlin pulled us all aside and told us they were writing it like it was going to be the last season,” she previously told ELLE.com. “I was heartbroken, but it just made me appreciate my time with everybody even more. I felt like it got even more fun after he told us.”

Still, there might be hope for the story to continue in some way in the future. Alexis added: “I don’t feel like it’s closing out; maybe there will be a spinoff in a couple years.”

This season of Rez Dogs, which is as well-reviewed as the first two, follows the quartet (focusing on Willie Jack, Elora, Bear, and Cheese) after their eventful and emotional escapade to California. According to FX, the closing chapter is “full of road trips, bathroom wisdom, unexpected fathers, boarding schools, Bigfoot, rumors, revenge and healing.” Here’s when to tune in.

Where can I watch Reservation Dogs?

While the series is an FX original, it’s streaming exclusively on Hulu. The complete first two seasons are also available on the platform.

When do new episodes drop?

Rez Dogs returned on August 2 with two episodes, and new episodes drop weekly on Wednesdays after that. Check out the full schedule below.

  • Episode 1, “Bussin’”: streaming August 2 Watch Now
  • Episode 2, “Maximus”: streaming August 2 Watch Now
  • Episode 3, “Deer Lady”: streaming August 9
  • Episode 4: streaming August 16
  • Episode 5: streaming August 23
  • Episode 6: streaming August 30
  • Episode 7: streaming September 6
  • Episode 8: streaming September 13
  • Episode 9: streaming September 20
  • Episode 10: streaming September 27

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