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Pete Davidson Drives Kim Kardashian’s Rolls Royce In Beverly Hills

This week, comedian Pete Davidson was seen driving media mogul Kim Kardashian’s Rolls-Royce in Beverly Hills. The 28-year-old was out shopping solo. It seems like things must be really heating up for Kardashian to trust him out with her luxury vehicle. He apparently needed some last minute items—Davidson grabbed a Nightmare on Elm Street costume while on his excursion. We may never know why!

Davidson was reportedly invited to Kris Jenner’s big holiday party she throws with her daughters every year, but the event has since been significantly scaled back in light of the new COVID variant. Cases are on the rise in their area and Jenner is supposedly planning to make the day a small celebration. Before it was canceled, both Davidson and Kardashian’s ex, Kanye West were invited, leading to speculation over what would happen if they both attended.

In the last month, West has been making a huge effort to win back Kardashian, including some very public speeches around Thanksgiving about how important their reconciliation is to him. Meanwhile, Kardashian recently filed to be “officially single” and to have the “West” removed from her last name.

Kardashian has been seen with Davidson on dates in both New York City and Los Angeles, often in group settings. Last weekend, she went to a movie theater with Davidson and Scott Disick. Page Six reports that the group dates are purposeful and intended as a way for the new couple to hang out without disturbing West.

“The group outings are to spare Kanye’s feelings,” said an insider. “Kim doesn’t want to do what her sister [Kourtney Kardashian] does with Travis [Barker], the nonstop PDA photos.”

They added, “[Kim] thinks hanging out in a group makes it seem more casual. She wants to keep Kanye from being hurt and devastated.”

In early November, another source said Kardashian is fully aware that West wants to be back with her, but “she’s not interested in getting back together.”

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