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Meghan Markle Gives Rare Look at Summer Style In Shorts and Button-up

On Friday, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were seen leaving an office building in Santa Barbara, according to TMZ, who shared photos of the Duchess of Sussex wearing a white button-up blouse tucked into a pair of dark brown shorts with a lighter leather belt cinching in her waist. Her hair was down, and she wore a white wide-brimmed hat and black sunglasses.

The pair have been making few appearances since the recent end of their deal with Spotify. They signed several major contracts via their Archewell media company including their rumored $20 million deal with the podcast arm of the music streaming service. It was originally signed in December of 2020, but the only project to come out of it was Meghan’s Archetypes podcast. Archetypes only produced 12 episodes.

“Meghan is continuing to develop more content for the Archetypes audience on another platform,” an Archewell Productions spokesperson told WSJ.

The royal couple also have a $100 million deal with Netflix, which produced their very popular six-part documentary Meghan & Harry from last year. Prince Harry is supposedly working on a documentary set in Africa, which the Daily Mail reports is focused on how the continent has been a “second home” to him and celebrates “his love of the continent, its people and its wildlife.”

A source told the Daily Mail that the pair believed some of the hold up with content has been simply about timing. They stated, “The word is that they think they’ve been really unlucky.”

The bad luck includes their journey into producing coinciding with the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, which slowed down timely production, and the recent death of Queen Elizabeth interrupting their schedule with some very significant family demands. The world of podcasting has also changed rapidly since they signed with Spotify three years ago.

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