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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Match For Genderless Nail Polish

On Saturday, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly arrived at the launch of MGK’s new genderless UN/DN LAQR nail polish line in matching black blazer cuts. MGK’s was a vinyl textured double breasted jacket, slightly tapered at the waist and paired with matching pants. and patent leather shoes. Fox’s featured shoulder pads and a thick linked belt, melding into her black short skirt.

Her look was finished with open-toe stilettos wrapping around her ankles, burgundy lipstick, and a metallic silver handbag with her. She let her long, dark brown hair wave across her shoulders. Neither of them opted for shirts.

machine gun kelly megan fox

Jerritt ClarkGetty Images

To really drive home how connected they are as a couple, MGK and Fox each wore a fake nail over their pinkies that was linked by a thin chain, keeping them close throughout the event—and conveniently highlighting the pink nail polish from the new collection.

machine gun kelly megan fox

Jerritt ClarkGetty Images

UN/DN LAQR, which is pronounced “Undone Lacquer,” features ten different colors and five top coats, all of them cruelty free and vegan.

“UN/DN LAQR is a genderless nail polish brand that champions self-expression while breaking boundaries and redefining a new path forward,” read a press release on the line. “At its core, UN/DN LAQR embodies a mindset and value system centered around creativity and does not conform to any gender norms set by traditional nail polish brands.”

In an interview with W Magazine, MGK explained that he has started taking time painting and experimenting with his nails as a form of self-care and to make himself slow down. He says he hopes that his line will encourage more men to embrace the enjoyment of taking care of themselves.

“For sure women are the biggest inspiration for the nail line, and not just because painting your nails is generally considered to be a feminine activity,” he said. “Women pay attention. I’ll ask my daughter: ‘Why are you putting on makeup today? We’re not going anywhere.’ And she’ll say, ‘This is just how I want to look. This is for me.’ And there’s a really stunning lesson in that because men almost never do things to be seen. And we don’t do things that put us in a position to be comfortable with ourselves. This line is like, ‘Hey, take this 30 minutes for yourself to just add to your vibe, whatever that is today.’”

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