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Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF October 18 – 2 4, 2021

If you’ve been idling in neutral, get ready to kick it into high gear, Libra. This Monday, October 18, two planets flip out of retrograde, including Mercury, which has been in an agonizing backspin through YOUR sign since September 27. The past few weeks have been a comedy of errors—but not always in a “ha-ha” way. Starting this week, you can bridge any divides and make sure your messages aren’t getting lost in translation. The same day, Jupiter powers forward in Aquarius and your fifth house of passion and creativity. If you’ve been spinning your wheels with a project or waffling about a romance, passion starts flowing again. Better still? The creative spirit will inundate your neural pathways until December 28. And, Libra, you have a legit shot at fame with Jupiter’s about face. Whether you want to perform on stage (or camera), or get more exposure for your creative work, put the pedal to the metal while the planet of abundance has your back for the coming four months. With Mars igniting your inner fire on Monday, don’t wait another day to get into action.

Wednesday’s skies feature the year’s only full moon in Aries, which sends a lightning bolt through your seventh house of committed relationships. A connection that’s been simmering over the past six months could grow scorching hot under this lunar light. Be proactive! It takes two to tango, and as long as you’re still interested, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by speaking up about your desires. Solid couples might take a big next big step, whether that looks like a shared lease, a (gulp) mortgage or something involving a trip to the jewelry store. Note to Libras: Full moons point out possibilities and often usher in major opportunities, but you still need to do YOUR bit!

Even your diplomatic sign may not be able to calm the warring factions on Friday, so grab a hard hat and buckle your seat belt. Rash Mars is in your sign (which can make it passive-aggressive) plus it’s forming a tense square with master manipulator Pluto in your house of friends and family. So the “culprit” might not be a random colleague or associate but someone close to you, and they may be the main button pusher, second-guessing your every move and offering unsolicited advice. Since you probably can’t do much to defuse the situation, you may have to settle for avoiding as much fallout as possible. Back away from demanding divas and focus on the things you have some say in. You might need to break off from the pack, but you probably aren’t missing out on any fun anyway!

On Saturday, the Sun slinks out of your sign for another year and relocates into savvy Scorpio and your second house of finances and security. Between now and December 21, your mind will be on your bottom line, both what’s there and how to increase it. You’ve no doubt got a laundry list of things you want to buy and do, but without the funds, nothing is going to happen. The coming month is perfect for planning, strategizing and even finding some part-time work to plump up your nest egg. And if you have to enact some belt-tightening measures, stay focused on your long-range goals, not what you’re giving up in the short term. Just be realistic. Your aesthetic sign needs your beautiful creature comforts, so cutting back TOO far could backfire.

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