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Kylie Jenner Poses in Red String Bikini on Instagram

Kylie Jenner flexed off her expansive swimwear wardrobe with yet another bikini photo, this time featuring her in a red bikini poolside. In just two hours, the photo, captioned “summer feeling,” accrued over 1.8 million likes on Instagram.

kylie jenner in a red bikini


kylie jenner in a red bikini


Jenner regularly shares photos of herself posing in bikinis on Instagram. Her last, posted on April 6, featured her in a neon pink string bikini. She also shared shots of herself in a gold two-piece around the same time.

kylie jenner in a gold bikini


kylie jenner in her pink bikini


Jenner hasn’t given too many interviews this year, but in April, she spoke to HommeGirls magazine about how her focus is Kylie Cosmetics at the moment. When the outlet asked what she was doing, she answered, “I’m working on my cosmetics line. I think my love in life, my passion, is makeup. That’s where it all started. It’s what keeps me going every day, being creative on Kylie Cosmetics. I started my brand when I was seventeen. I’ve grown so much, I have such a different vision for what I want it to be. I used to do a lot of limited-edition collections which are so fun, but my goal is to continue to elevate and extend the core line. This year and beyond we’re looking to do things we’ve never done before. You know, skin and eyes and mascara and all the essentials that you need. I’m just like, rebranding.”

She also addressed what it’s like being “a hot twenty-five-year-old, and also a mogul and mom,” as the magazine put it.

“It’s very hard! I’m just kidding,” she said. “No, it’s really such a blessing that I’ve been able to live and experience so much life at such a young age. I have two kids, I’m 25. Honestly. I’ve never been happier. As I get older, I get more appreciative of my life, my family, my friends and having all these opportunities.”

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