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Katy Perry Shares Pics From Her 37th Birthday Celebration in Cabo

This week was the thirty-seventh birthday of Katy Perry, and it seems like it’s been a full one for the pop star. Perry went down to Cabo, Mexico, with her fiancé Orlando Bloom and a whole host of friends. Though paparazzi photos caught the couple enjoying a luxury yacht called Happy Endings at Cabo San Lucas, Perry shared her own version of events on Instagram.

The slideshow of pictures catches brief moments in Perry’s celebrations: beautiful flower arrangements, loving notes from friends, standing with Bloom by their yacht, watching a movie projection, horseback riding, salsa dancing with someone who looks pretty professional, and FaceTiming with family:

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She captioned it, “When you’re 37 hangovers last 5-7 business days.”

Earlier this week, Bloom shared a photo of himself with Perry, leaning over a birthday cake. She wears the “Birthday Girl” crown that makes an appearance in her own collection of photos, and looks down at the burning candle with a dreamy expression. He wrote in the caption, “We do life we do love and it’s fun. I’ll celebrate you today and everyday. I love you.”

The week wasn’t all play, however, as Perry joked after she made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Productive 37 so far,” she joked on a teaser of her guest spot.

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Perry has had a very productive year overall—her daughter with Bloom, Daisy Dove, turned one-years-old in August. Daisy might be young, but Perry already has big plans for their fashion future together. In an interview with People on October 28, she said she’s keeping all of her wild outfits and costumes for Daisy to wear one day.

“I kind of already have a vault,” she says. “I’m saving things for her. I don’t know where she’s going to be able to wear all these crazy outfits, but I’m saving them for her. Also, trust and believe I am always on the hunt on Etsy late at night just finding little cute costumes for all the holidays. I’ve got a gingerbread dress favorited — just all of my dreams come true.”

Definitely put the Birthday Girl crown in the vault.

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