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Katie Sturino’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

When it comes to holiday gifting, Katie Sturino prefers to think outside the box, which really should come as no surprise to those familiar with her beauty brand, Megababe, which reimagines personal care products, and/or eponymous blog, known for changing perceptions around plus-size fashion. “I’ve always been a practical gift giver,” Sturino says. “I want people to use their gift every day and think of me. One year, I got everyone in my family biodegradable garbage bags. Another year, I got my friend a headlamp to read in bed.” Below, shop Sturino’s thoughtful (and useful) gift picks for every person on your list.

What is your gift-giving strategy? Do you have rules?

My rule is to give someone something they’re actually going to use, even if it’s something unexpected…like deodorant or technical sneakers.

What is the #1 thing on your personal wish list?

A North Face Retro Jacket. Somehow it is modern yet retro at the same time.

Money is no object. What do you really want?

A Moke. Enough said!

You have $50 to give something to your best friend. What is it?

Let’s give her a pair of Crocs because she might not think she’s gonna wear them, but she is! They’re truly the most comfortable.

What is the best gift that is not a physical object?

A subscription to obé Fitness. I love all of their classes and it makes working out so easy.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

A portrait of my dog from @alimacdoodle.

How about the weirdest gift you’ve ever received? Be honest.

An ex-boyfriend got me these very expensive earrings that were so random and made me feel like we shouldn’t be together. And, obviously, we’re not!

Gifting SOs can be tricky in general. What is your go-to present?

I love subscriptions! Get your man (or woman) the NFL Red Zone package.

What is a generic, but great gift you keep on deck? The kind of crowd-pleaser you can have in stock just in case you forgot someone on your list, have a last-minute party, for a third-tier friend, etc.

A Bearaby weighted blanket. That goes for anyone in your life!

Do you have a no-fail, affordable gift for someone who loves food? Because, well, who doesn’t?

A Goldbelly gift card. You can shop gifts from all of the top restaurants, and they ship everywhere.

You and some of your friends and business partners are a little fancy. What’s a gift for someone who seemingly has it all?

A meditation session with Evolve by Erika. I cannot recommend meditation enough!

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