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Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fisher’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Chances are if you’ve purchased a pair of gold hoops in the past 10 years, you were influenced by Jennifer Fisher. The jewelry designer is one of the main forces behind the accessory’s resurgence, thanks in part to her dedicated celebrity following. She counts Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Hailey Bieber as fans, which extends into her lifestyle too, with an ongoing home collaboration with CB2 that’s just as chic as her jewelry. And home truly is where the heart is for Fisher, specifically in the kitchen. Her secondary Instagram account details her own healthy yet delicious recipes that are so tantalizing, you’ll actually consider going paleo.

Seriously, she has really good taste, in all senses of the word. Fisher’s combined expertise in fashion, home, and food makes her an excellent source for gifting, so we probed the designer for everything she’d like to give and get this holiday season. Read on for what she’s stocking up on, here.

What are you most excited about during the holidays?

Cooking for my family. The best part about the holidays is being home in California with my mom and dad and being able to cook and barbecue with my father.

What is your favorite memory of opening a gift?

I will never forget it. It was my Barbie Dream House that had an elevator. I walked out Christmas morning and it was under the Christmas tree shining in its hot pink glory.

What is your gift-giving strategy? Are you meticulously going through lists or do you shop last-minute? Do you have a budget?

Being a mom to two teenagers, I find it difficult to pull gift ideas out of them. When I do, I know it’s something that they want, and I won’t have to return it. I tend to shop from the lists my children supply. Because we travel to see my family in California every Christmas, there is always that last-minute stop, and once we arrive, I find myself adding additional gifts.

What is the #1 thing on your personal wish list?

They say the older you get, your Christmas list gets smaller, because the greatest gifts can’t be bought.

You have $50 to give something to your best friend. What is it?

A Jennifer Fisher Salt Trio or my CB2 Swirl Serving Bowl.

You walk into Target. What are you buying to gift?

Candy for my kids.

Best gift that can be found on Amazon?

Pearl Caviar Spoons.

What is the best gift that is not a physical object?


What do your kids want for the holidays vs. what do you want to give them? Why does it differ?

My kids always want something tech and normally it’s a new phone.

What is a great home goods item you would gift that costs less than $20?

An OXO Mandoline Slicer and two of my CB2 Don’t Spill Your Martini Glasses.

Best food-related gift you would love to receive?

The Almond Cake that Paul Arnhold and Wes Gordon always send me from West Egg Bakery & Café. I dream about it.

What is a generic, but great gift you keep on hand in case you forgot someone on your list?

My Jennifer Fisher Salt Trio. I have a drawer in my house filled with JF Salt Trios and also small marble items from my CB2 collection.

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