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Inside Jennifer Garner’s Relationships With Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The Daily Mail got a rare and very extensive update from two sources on the state of affairs between Jennifer Garner, her ex-husband Ben Affleck, and his new wife, Jennifer Lopez. Things are going well these days, a source close to both Garner and Affleck explained.

“Ben and Jen [Garner] have finally gotten to a point where co-parenting is the main goal for them both and to add any drama to that, they know that would be a big mistake,” the source said. “Jen wants the best for Ben and really looks out for him and really likes that he is with J.Lo, because she grounds him and steers him away from his previous vices.”

That source added that Garner herself is happily taken by her longtime boyfriend John Miller. “Jen is very happy with John and feels that Ben should be happy as well in his personal life,” the source said. “They both have moved on from the bitterness that a divorce can cause and are both the best versions of themselves right now, and they both know that it is what is best for their kids.” The source added that they’ve blended families, with Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme, joining Garner and her and Affleck’s own children on outings even without Lopez.

“It is just the way their life is right now, it works, and it is as normal as possible,” the source said. “Everyone is friendly and happy with the way life is for all of them.”

A second source close to Lopez gave the outlet some insight on Lopez and Garner’s relationship. All is amicable and positive. “J.Lo is not going to be best friends with Jen, but they are friendly, and there is no animosity between them both,” the source said. “J.Lo loves Ben’s kids and things are vice versa in Ben’s mind. To have each other, they both know they need to be accepting and loving of everything else that comes with them.”

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