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Inside Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s Private Attempt to Reconcile Pre-Split

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez have worked to remain close friends as they start the divorce process, but the couple really did try to save their marriage before coming to the decision. Page Six obtained more details about the failed reconciliation effort a few months ago that sources told TMZ about. Entertainment Tonight got additional details regarding why Grande and Gomez couldn’t salvage their relationship.

Page Six reported that the trip happened in January. Multiple sources close to the couple told the outlet that Gomez flew over to London to see Grande, where she was filming Wicked. The pair’s final attempt to save their marriage “didn’t work out.”

They have been separated since then and have stayed friends. The two were photographed together in London on January 23; Page Six ran photos of them waiting in line at La Crêperie de Hampstead.

“They came to the decision together [to divorce],” one source told Page Six. “They were having problems before January, but they want to remain best friends.” That source stressed how important it has been to them to remain “really good friends throughout the entire process. Their friends and families have been trying to protect them.”

ariana grande and dalton gomez


TMZ later reported that they started living separate lives in January, with Gomez dating again with Grande’s approval, as the pair remained on friendly terms. They briefly tried dating again in May, and after two weeks, they called it.

One source told Entertainment Tonight that Gomez and Grande just weren’t a great match and detailed how Gomez has been handling the breakup on his end: “Ariana and Dalton tried to make things work, but ultimately they were just not a good fit,” the source said. “Dalton has been very private and low-key about their relationship with his work colleagues and hasn’t been talking a lot about their split.”

Another added that they really did make an effort to fix things: “Ariana and Dalton have had issues for a while and tried working through them but couldn’t,” the source said. “Ariana has been filming Wicked overseas and working a lot. The couple ultimately decided to end things.”

Grande has not yet posted about the news.

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