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Here’s What to Shop From Kosas’s 20% Off Sale

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It’s back-to-school season, or regular work reason, or pre-Halloween season? Whatever, does there really need to be a seasonal change to justify buying more beauty products? I say no, especially not when they’re on sale, and especially not when they’re a brand like Kosas. You probably know all about the brand, but a quick recap: They’re clean, every product has skincare benefits, and the priority is for your face to feel comfortable. And just for the record, every product does what they claim and make you look cuter. Sorry if the truth makes you feel uncomfortable.

And now, for three splendid days, everything–and I do mean everything–is 20% off. Have you seen those videos of people lovingly apply their Tinted Face Oil Foundation? That could be you in two to three business days. So if you’re interested in trying out Kosas for the first time, or you want a restock of your favorites, or you’re just trying to find a clean beauty brand that actually works, it’s time to whip out your credit card. You don’t need any new products? Well stop being so selfish and buy a gift for your friend whose birthday is coming up. Below, find the 10 products that I will be buying for myself, because when it comes to Kosas, yes, I am selfish.

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The Big Clean Mascara

Their legendary mascara has recently been reformulated which means there’s never been a better time to try it out. You love a long, fanned out, faux-looking lash? Well here you go. 


Tinted Face Oil Foundation

I would do a lot for perfectly clear skin, but caking on pounds of foundation isn’t one of them. Which is why this award-winning tinted oil is my go-to. And yes, I will lie to people and say I’m not wearing any makeup when I get compliments. No one will be able to tell.


The Sun Show Bronzer

Repeat after me: “Tanning is bad for my skin.” So lather on the SPF and cheat a glow with this bronzer. It’s a super feathery formula so you don’t have to worry about orange streaks. Basically, you’ll just look like you got back from vacation without any UVA damage.



This product has too many celebrity endorsements to count, but let’s just say that anyone who’s anyone loves this product. You love lip balms right? And you probably like lipstick, too. So smoosh them together and you get this product. A little glossy, a little color, all the moisture.


Chemistry Deodorant

Here’s a scientific fact for you: You can be smelly every season, not just in Sweaty Summer. This deodorant doesn’t have any nasty chemicals, but it does have powerful odor-removing ingredients that also brighten the underarms, soothe ingrown hairs, and calm down irritated skin.


Tinted Air Brow

If you’re not already using this product, I feel sorry for your brows. With a light amount of pigment and the tiniest little brush you’ve ever seen, it’s impossible to end up with brows that look like you’ve Sharpied them in, but you’ll still get that fluffy look you’ve been coveting. 


Cloud Set Setting Powder

Also known as the only powder I ever use (See: facts), this translucent compact powder is capable of eliminating every bit of unwanted shine without making you look like a ghost ready and willing to haunt some folks. I dab a little in my T-zone and over my concealer to maximize staying power. Take it from me, this is a must-have. 


Color & Light Cream Palette

Dewy skin is not going out of style anytime soon, so you might as well accept it. And this is the perfect duo-product to get your glowy look on. If you have two minutes to get ready, dab on some cream blush and a bit of the highlighter and you’ll look like you spent hours prepping.


Revealer Concealer

The point of concealer is to make you look more rested, and to cover up any little marks that might bother you. But so many of them enjoy settling into your lines and making you look, well, worse. So it’s time to instead invest in a product that actually does what it says without a fuss. I like to use this concealer over my pimple friends, because the skin-loving ingredients actually help them heal faster.


Wet Lip Oil Gloss

Lip gloss is back in a big and better way. Gone are the days of sticky formulas that make your hair stick attractively to your lips on a windy day. This gloss is an oil formula that actually moisturizes your lips so they look gorgeous even when you take off your makeup.

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