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Find Out Who You Share a Sign With

When Tali Edut, one half of The AstroTwins, ELLE’s resident astrologers, was first learning about astrology, she looked to the stars—Hollywood stars, that is. “That’s kind of what got me,” she explains. “I would start to see the link between celebrities,” realizing how different groups of celebs fell under each zodiac.

Now, as an astrology expert, Edut is well-versed in the signs of all your favorite celebs. Which one comes to mind as the celebrity who truly exemplifies their sign? Edut doesn’t hesitate: It’s the ultimate Libra, Kim Kardashian. “Every sign is connected to a body part, and Libra rules the butt and lower back,” she says. “She broke the internet because of her ass. They’re also the sign of beauty and harmony and order. She’s front row at every fashion week but was also a closet organizer before she became reality-star famous.”

As for which celebs represent all the other signs, Edut breaks down each one, below.

a collage of taylor swift, selena gomez, and beyonce

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When it comes to explaining celebrity astrology, Edut says she always uses Aries—“the most obvious divas out there”—as the prime example. Some of those legends include superstars like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Pharrell—essentially any singer who’s “most likely to have an extended stint in Vegas,” Edut adds. “They just have that cardinal fire sign, so they’re going to blaze brightly and hold their own on the stage.”


For Edut there’s one iconic Taurus: Adele. “Taurus rules the throat,” she says. “They’re very sensual. They’re the slow jammers, and [Adele] has written every slow jam anthem out there. Even her getting married young—Tauruses tend to be traditional and often want to settle down and have a family, only to realize, wait, what did I do?

In terms of famous Taurus pairings, Edut mentions Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, whose on-again-off-again relationship has been a headline-making whirlwind. “They’re wild on the outside, and then they got all boring and traditional.” She continues, “What attracted them to each other is that raw, earthy bull, and then they’re like, wait, what? We have to take the kids to dinner at 6 P.M.? Yawn.

megan fox and machine gun kelly

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

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Geminis exhibit a fluid, transitional energy, giving us celebrities like Prince, who, instead of a name, eventually started going by a “Love Symbol.” On the other hand, Edut says, “You also have Geminis like Trump and Kanye, who cannot keep their mouths shut.”


Cancers are our watery, sensitive celebs, including people like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Khloe Kardashian. Edut also adds that Cancers are ruled by the moon, meaning they can get moody and have a hard time letting things go. Another famous Cancer? Margot Robbie. “[Cancers] are kind of the ultra femmes, and of course, she’s the Barbie of our time,” she says.


It’s no surprise that a bunch of big-name celebs are Leos, the zodiac sign that’s known for being confident, driven, and cool with being the center of attention. Just a short list includes Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Meghan Markle. “They kind of all court controversy but play innocent at the same time,” Edut says. “They’re sweet but feisty.”

prince harry and meghan markle visit northern ireland

Meghan Markle

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Virgos—celebs like Beyoncé, Zendaya, and Blake Lively—are known for being grounded and hard workers, but Edut says, they can also have an amazing sense of rhythm and be great dancers. “Michael Jackson was a Virgo. Pink is a Virgo, who’s amazing with her acrobatics on stage.”


Libras are a bit tricky, Edut says, explaining that they can be both romantic and spicy sometimes. (She notes that people like Bruno Mars, Will Smith, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Gwen Stefani are all Libras.) So what unifies them all? “I just think they’re all so good-looking, like Bella Hadid. They’re the judges and critics too. They can be very: this is the way it is, like Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop edict. They’re very beauty-focused, very much about looking good, being styled up.” She continues, “They have big hearts, whether they’re rough on the surface or not—or slap someone at the Oscars. They love hard.”

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling

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Scorpios are our sly, sexy celebs, i.e. the Ryan Goslings and Penn Badgleys of the world. “They’re like definitely the sex symbol types,” Edut says. “And mysterious.” Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, Willow Smith, Winona Ryder, Matthew McConaughey, and Kendall Jenner are all Scorpios. “They’re kind of edgy, punk rock, doing it their way. Ryan Gosling is super private. You don’t know anything really about Scorpios. They share selectively.”


When it comes to Sagittarius celebs, you’re going to find a lot of pop stars, Edut says, including Miley Cyrus, Janelle Monáe, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift. “[They’re] everybody’s best friend in a way. They have that larger-than-life personality. They’re rebels, but also good girls. Sagittarians are known for being generous, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of generosity—I heard [Taylor Swift] gave [people] who worked on her Eras tour a $100,000 bonus.” They’ve also “got to tell it like it is,” Edut says, pointing out that Sagittarians are often known for their outspokenness.


One of the most well-known Capricorns is, of course, Michelle Obama, a “strong woman in charge,” Edut says. “Also it’s an earth sign, meaning Capricorns are very devoted to fostering growth. Obama, for instance, did so much with the garden and for kids. They’re just women of steel.” Another celeb who represents Capricorns’ “iconic energy”? Edut points to Kate Middleton.

michelle obama

Michelle Obama

Paul Morigi//Getty Images

And good news for any Capricorns out there: Edut says they age in reverse and a lot have an “iconic stage” when they’re older (Dolly Parton, Betty White, Diane Keaton—all Capricorns). They can also be the best at what they do (LeBron James, John Legend).


“They are just here to be weird and not give a fuck,” Edut says of Aquarians, pointing to singers Alicia Keys and Harry Styles. She adds that they can also have that girl-next-door energy, like actor Jennifer Aniston. “They can be the goofy, air-heady, wonky girl next door who’s actually really smart too.”


Our Pisces celebs are full of emotions and feelings. See: Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Drew Barrymore, Millie Bobby Brown. “Sometimes it almost feels like they’re getting the short end of the stick,” Edut says. They can also be a sign of sacrifice, she adds, and sometimes champion a cause, like Simone Biles standing up for mental health.

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