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Dua Lipa Shared a Suggestive Lingerie Bathroom Selfie

This week, Dua Lipa shared a very suggestive photo to her Instagram Stories from the inside of her bathroom. Though she is wearing an over-sized t-shirt and no makeup, the pic is extremely sexy. In the photo, the musical artist is taking her pic in the mirror while lifting the hem of her shirt to reveal a pair of lacy underwear.

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The room is steamy, her hair is slicked back, and she is adorned with simple gold jewelry in her ears, around her neck, and with a few bangles on her wrist. But it’s what’s happening in the background that is grabbing her fan’s attention. On the shower glass, finger marks are visible in the film created by the hot water, like someone leaned against it or perhaps grabbed it in the throes of passion. Or maybe Dua Lipa just lost her balance for a moment, who knows.

The singer is currently dating boyfriend Romain Gavras after going public with their relationship in March. They were just visiting Greece together, stopping at the Acropolis in Athens and also the smaller island of Sifnos. She shared some pics from their adventures, in one of which she is holding his hand and in another he has his arm thrown over her shoulders as they wander the old streets.

They made their red carpet debut in May at the 76th Annual Cannes Film Festival, attending a screening of Omar La Fraise.

omar la fraise the king of algiers" red carpet the 76th annual cannes film festival

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis//Getty Images

She wished him a Happy Birthday this week as well, sharing a photo of them walking away together in a hallway with their arms wrapped around one another.

She captioned the image, “joyeux anniversaireeeee bébé,” because Gavras is French. The director is well-known for his work on popular music videos, especially M.I.A.’s iconic video “Bad Girls” and Kanye West’s video “No Church in the Wild.”

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