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Draper James Bright Colored Sunglasses

When it comes to winter accessories, there are the obvious suspects—hats, gloves, scarves—but pity the person who doesn’t think outside of the box. With more skin covered than the warm months, you’re left with less square inches to adorn. What’s an accessory lover to do? For starters, do not sleep on your sunglasses.

Shades ought to be the literal focal point of an outfit and deserve wearing almost anytime you’re stepping outdoors (docs will tell you that sun exposure can risk harming your eyes no matter the season). Now that we’ve established they’re a smart addition, health-wise, we can move on to addressing how much they also bring to the table in terms of fashion.

You’ve almost definitely already got a pair or three stashed in your closet or bouncing around in a bag somewhere, but do they fill you with excitement? Is there an element of, “I can’t wait to wear those!” present? If you answered no to either of those questions, then you definitely deserve to invest in a new pair of Draper James’s latest this season.

Start by looking for outside-the-box colors.

Black and tortoise shell frames are classic… which also means they’re a dime a dozen. Colored sunglasses have personality and presence; they signal that the face behind them is someone who doesn’t just unthinkingly grab whatever is laying around but carefully considers stylistic choices. (Fact: No one is ever accidentally wearing a pair of merlot shades.)

Bright brights and neons are fun, but lend themselves more to tropical jaunts and super sunny days. For winter, a slightly darker hue feels more spot-on. Be it navy, aubergine, or the deepest, darkest red, colored frames are your friend. And don’t forget, this applies to eyeglasses, too — so if you’re nearsighted, or farsighted, or just like the look, a pair of bold Draper James frames will make a subtle statement.

Then play up the shape.

It’s almost impossible to find a frame shape that doesn’t harken back to some previous style era. The most commonly spotted is the cat-eye, its feline, old-school feminine curves characterizing stylephiles of the 1950s. The modern version tends to be less pointy and dramatic—a subtlety those original glamour addicts might scoff at—but there’s still a retro vibe to play with. Another shape vying for icon status is the oversized round frame that became popular in the following decades.

With fashion history in mind, turn your sunglasses into a statement-making anchor by up-styling them. Wear a cat-eye silhouette with a silk scarf or pearls; experiment with a floppy wool hat to go alongside ‘70s-inspired frames. There’s no denying that there’s a slight costume element—but what’s so wrong with that?

And, finally, don’t be monogamous.

Last but not least, don’t deny yourself the simple pleasure of having a sunglass wardrobe. It’s tempting to buy a single pair and reach for them without even thinking. If you wouldn’t accessorize that way with bags or shoes or jewelry, though, then why be so unintentional with your frames?

Pick a few different colors or shapes, then match them to mood or outfit. They shouldn’t be an afterthought, but a very purposeful part of creating a look. Enjoy yourself, and don’t feel guilty. It’s for your health, remember?

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