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Ciara on the Gap x LoveShackFancy Collaboration and Summer Style

Like countless moms at the start of summer vacation, Ciara corralled her kids into the car in search of a fun outdoor activity. The difference is that when you’re a megastar, you don’t always run for the nearest swing set—instead, your playground is a photo shoot for Gap. “You know that saying, ‘You plan and God laughs?’” she asks when we connect over the phone. “That was literally this photo shoot…I’m so proud of how great they were, and I loved being able to share the campaign with them. But kids are gonna be kids! You have a whole vision of how it’s gonna go…and then you get, to put it politely, a remix.

Fittingly, the collection itself is also a remix—one between Gap and LoveShackFancy, the all-floral-everything brand that smooshes together Hamptons chintz and Versailles vibes. As a muse for Tom Ford and Dundas and a designer herself, the pairing seemed fun, albeit unlikely. “That’s why I liked it!” says the 37-year-old. “I definitely am a tomboy, but I really love how this collection is at an intersection of culture and romanticism, and also, it merges Gap’s iconic styles. It can still have that edge to it, if you style it your way.”

For Ciara, that includes mixing Kate Moss-esque wellies with Gap’s newest floral hoodies and maxi dresses. “You could do it with sandals instead and have it be a whole different thing,” she says, “But for me, I wanted to make it rock ‘n’ roll…you know, I’m not going to be in a campaign and have to become someone else. I’m at the point [in my life] where I’ll only wear something if I can truly make it my own.”

gap loveshackfancy ciara


I’m at the point [in my life] where I’ll only wear something if I can truly make it my own.”

Those looking to follow her lead and also make clothes their own can shop the range of adult and children’s basics right now, including sweatshirts, tees, dresses, and even a pair of Miu Miu-style ballet flats which are very compelling. For the best results, Ciara recommends taking pictures of your looks before you go out à la Cher Horowitz from Cluelessthough she admits she may be the only person in the world who hasn’t memorized the movie.

“I actually don’t remember that part where she says to always take Polaroids,” she laughs. “I’m not sure I’ve even heard that quote before. But I agree! Rule of thumb before you do any red carpet—and I learned this obviously the hard way—is you’ve got to take a picture. Get the wide shot. Get every angle. Things translate differently on camera, so if you need to, get into that Gap dressing room and do it! Make sure it’s photographically ready.”

Ciara means “get into the Gap dressing room” literally, by the way. “I still go to the Gap in the mall in Atlanta, for sure,” she says. “I’ve got the times worked out; I know when it’s not going to be crazy crowded. And I’m extremely strategic. Do I need jeans? Do the kids need shorts? What’s happening for back to school? I am on a mission.” And yes, she shops the Gap Kids stuff for herself, too. “The XXL boys sweatshirts? I will grab those from the boys’ section all the time.” (Pro tip for short girls: the XL kids ’80s band tees are dive bar perfection.)

So now you know how Ciara shops at the mall. But if you want to casually run into her, head to the Galleria food court at lunch time. “Gyro. That’s the best mall food. Or wait, if it’s in Atlanta, I will also get hot wings.”

Gap × LoveShackFancy Denim Tiered Midi Dress with Washwell

Gap Gap × LoveShackFancy Denim Tiered Midi Dress with Washwell

Gap × LoveShackFancy Kids Floral Icon Denim Jacket with Washwell

gap Gap × LoveShackFancy Kids Floral Icon Denim Jacket with Washwell

Gap × LoveShackFancy Floral Tote

Gap Gap × LoveShackFancy Floral Tote

Gap × LoveShackFancy Ballet Flats

gap Gap × LoveShackFancy Ballet Flats
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