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Chlöe x Halle Talk New Music, PINK Collab, and Personal Style

Chlöe and Halle Bailey are what the industry calls triple threats: singers, dancers, and, despite the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, actresses. In fact, Chlöe’s first solo tour for her debut solo album In Pieces sold out—which was enough for her to embark on a second leg this fall. Halle, for her part, has had a blockbuster year, starring in The Little Mermaid, which hit theaters in May, and the upcoming movie-musical adaptation of The Color Purple. She also released her first standalone single, “Angel,” in August, which nabbed the top spot on multiple Billboard and iTunes R&B charts.

In order to be so accomplished, the sisters had to be just as intentional with what they do—and wear—in their downtime. That’s precisely where their collaborations with Victoria’s Secret PINK come into play. The latest limited-edition collection from the duo was designed specifically to fit both Chlöe and Halle’s different aesthetics (“glam v. chill,” they tell ELLE.com). Out August 29, key pieces include puffer jackets, cargo pants, laser-cut leggings, and mesh tops that can go from party to Pilates in a cinch.

It took over a year to get the collection just right, a process which included using models of various shapes and sizes, which was essential to the Baileys’ design process. Colors range from terracotta brown to serene sky blue and Barbie-esque hot pink, all to encompass the different moods wearers might feel in their day-to-day lives. The release will also benefit the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM) and mental health efforts in the Black community, a cause that’s very important to both Chlöe and Halle.

Below, more from the Baileys about their design process, which artists are inspiring them today, and what’s to come from them as individual artists and as a family, including new music.

chloe x halle pink

Courtesy of PINK

What was the biggest takeaway during the design process with PINK?

Chlöe Bailey: We really just put ourselves in it. We were being authentic to ourselves—things that we could see ourselves wearing on a daily basis. When we flew out to New York to be with the design team, it was so cool. What I personally loved is how they had a model on the thicker side, closer to my shape, and a model on the thinner side, closer to my sister’s shape. It was like we could see ourselves being properly represented no matter what shape or size; whether our weight fluctuates or changes, either way, we’d find outfits that would be just as flattering and beautiful. We wanted to make sure that as nice as it looks on the smaller girl, that it would look just as flattering on the thicker girl. That was personally one of my favorite experiences. The whole design team was just one big incredible family. I got to be there next to my sister and our godmom, who has been in design forever, so to have her expertise with us as well, it just felt like a whole collective of strong women really putting our minds together to make such a special collection.

When working on the collaboration, were there any keywords or specific vibes on the mood board? How much is the collection a reflection of your own aesthetics?

Halle Bailey: The key words were definitely comfortable, sexy, and flattering. We really wanted something to wear every single day. My sister is dancing all the time, so we were keeping that in mind. We made a really nice yoga outfit, with the leggings and the shirt to give us areas to breathe and give our bodies some comfort. Movement-wise, we can do what we need to do. We thought a lot about what we would wear in our everyday lives.

You both have great style, both individually and as a duo. How would you each describe your own style, and each other’s style? Any similarities or differences? How did that translate into the collection?

chloe x halle pink

Courtesy of PINK

CB: I love to get completely dolled up, and I always wear heels. My sister, she has the coolest style. She loves some sneaks. We wanted to be the collection where you could dress it up with heels or you could dress it down and it’s still just as chic and comfortable and beautiful. That was really our main focus and goal, as well as with the colors. I love black, because you can never go wrong with black. And we love the lighter colors, like the calming blue, because it just reminds us of serenity and when we go to yoga. Then you have the bright pink for the days we want to feel loud.

HB: I would describe Chlöe’s style as glamorous, fabulous, and very form-fitting. My sister has a beautiful body and curves and loves to show them off. Her style is definitely way more glam than mine. Mine is a bit more chill and natural, but some days I want to be really glam too, so she helps me when it comes to me wanting to feel that way. What we love about this collection is there are beautiful clothes for both of us, for the glam girls and the chill girls. You can dress it up or down.

What are your favorite pieces from the collection? Where are you most excited to wear them?

HB: My favorite piece is definitely the puffer coat, specifically the light blue one. I’m most excited to wear it this fall and winter when I’m out and about. We’re in New York right now and it’s raining, and it’s the perfect thing to have with you. The two-piece activewear set with the whole the mesh holes in them, too. Chlöe and I love going to yoga and Pilates classes, and it’s always this unspoken thing with the girls in there—they always have cute fits. I feel like our [set] is a really good one that people will love to show off in class.

CB: I think my favorite would have to be the top and leggings set. What I specifically love about the leggings is that they cinch your waist to give you the hourglass shape. The matching top also has an elastic band around the waist, so it really accentuates your figure.

The partnership has a philanthropic element to it with BEAM. Why is that particular cause—mental health in the Black community—so important to you?

CB: Mental health really means a lot to us, and a lot of times, especially within the Black community, they never take our pain seriously. We’ve learned throughout history that we have gone through a lot. Young Black boys are taught that it’s not manly to show emotions or break down or have a bad day. And women as well—we’re seen as angry if we are in touch with our emotions. Especially in a time where therapy and getting actual help is very expensive, a lot of times the people who need it the most or who don’t come from a lot of money can’t get it. So where do they run to? I’m really happy that we partnered with them; it’s something that means a lot to us.

chloe x halle pink

Courtesy of PINK

Halle, congratulations on your new single, “Angel.” What are you most excited about with your solo debut? Are you announcing a new album anytime soon?

HB: Thank you so much. I’m so excited about the song; “Angel” was just for me to put something out there for myself and see what happens. The past few years have been really great. It’s basically just a love letter to my younger self about what I’ve been through, specifically this year with the movie and everything else, and what it feels like to have all these eyes on you. Just the words of encouragement and self-affirmation that you need. Hopefully in the future, more music from me and then also my sister and I together. It’s just a really beautiful time to be creative. We’re just grateful we get to do what we love.

Chlöe, you released your debut solo album earlier this year. What’s been your experience as a solo artist, and how is it different than working with your sister?

CB: It’s definitely different. I don’t have my sister’s expertise and knowledge while I am creating, and usually while I’m producing or coming up with something, I’ll be like, “Sister, what do you think? What are you thinking?” I can’t do that with her, and I trust her opinion more than anyone, so it’s different. You really have to believe in yourself more wholeheartedly. Usually how I would get through group performances is I’d be like, “Okay, my sister is special. We’re special together. We’re gonna be great.” But when you’re on the stage by yourself, you really, really have to ground yourself and actually believe in yourself and not just say it just because it sounds good. That’s the difference. You definitely have to encourage yourself at times when you can’t find it.

Speaking of being onstage, you have the second leg of your tour coming up this month. What can we expect?

CB: I always love to switch things up. It was such a successful first leg of the tour. I’m definitely going to the cities that I missed while in America on the first one, and we’re testing out the waters and doing a show in London, so I can’t wait to start going overseas more.

chloe x halle pink

Courtesy of PINK

Can we expect new music from you as a duo soon? Are there any other artists you’d want to work with or are inspired by right now?

HB: Definitely. You can always expect new music from my sister and I. There are so many great artists today. I really love Summer Walker and H.E.R., and I really love what all of the women are doing right now, like SZA, too. The list goes on.

CB: Right now, I really love Travis Scott’ Utopia album. I’ve been really inspired by that and just life: going out and experiencing people celebrating and having fun and just seeing what gets different types of people going. I can’t wait for my sister and I to put that within our own music, in our solo music and group music. It’s gonna be fun now knowing who we are individually more, and what we can bring when we come back together as a group— that’s gonna be really exciting.

Anything else your fans should know about the collab?

CB: It’s our favorite collab we’ve done with PINK, and that says a lot, because on an everyday basis, I’m constantly wearing our leggings. I always feel like it’s a flex when you see the Chlöe x Halle logo. To know that this one is now my favorite when I really enjoyed the past ones…it’s gonna be exciting, and I hope everyone loves it just as much.

Chlöe x Halle for PINK will be available starting August 29 at Victoria’s Secret PINK stores and online at victoriassecret.com/us/pink.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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