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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF October 11 – 1 7, 2021

Libra season, which we’re more than halfway through, is a favorite time of year for you, Capricorn, because the Sun is blazing through your tenth house of professional ambition and success! And even though this time, the cosmic communicator and deal maker Mercury is retrograde in that same zone (since September 27), you’re optimistic and moving ahead with plans, albeit cautiously. You might be itching to try something a little riskier than usual on Friday, October 15, when el Sol spins into an auspicious 120-degree trine with the zodiac’s gambler, Jupiter, who’s parked in your second house of money and security. Normally the word “risk” causes knots to form in your stomach, but under this rare (twice-a-year) and extremely fortunate alignment, you’re more focused on the amazing potential you sense with a new opportunity, investment or synergy with a business associate.

This is a time to at least DREAM big. If you’ve got an idea for an entrepreneurial venture that feels like it could hit big and you know just the person to help with the launch, set up an exploratory meeting. But with both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde until next Monday, October 18, it’s worth going to lengths to protect yourself and your intellectual property. Download a standard nondisclosure agreement before you divulge so much as one syllable. And should sparks fly with this prospective partner, be sure to protect yourself THAT way as well.

Off the dating market? This Sun-Jupiter power surge in your career and money houses might inspire an intriguing discussion with bae. Get creative about investments, real estate, passive-income streams and other ways to share (and grow) resources. If you’ve both been doing your own thing, this might be the moment to talk about building more “couple capital.” Have you considered starting a business together? With jet-setting Jupiter involved, it could quickly become multinational!

Your style of “competing” doesn’t look like anyone else’s—nor should it, Cap! So don’t get sucked into a battle with an outsized ego on Sunday. The Sun is still beaming in your career corner, upping your game and putting your name on the map at a pace you’re comfortable with. But this Sunday, el Sol forms one of its two annual squares to manipulative Pluto in your sign, which could get your (uh) goat. Keep your eye focused on the big picture AND the wise long-term strategy you’ve developed. Everyone experiences moments of insecurity, but if you know this person is trying to knock you off-balance, see it for what it is. Self-doubt is a sign that you need more—or a new level of—support. Reach out to someone more experienced who can share their “How I overcame that very challenge” stories. If you don’t personally know anyone who fits the bill, hire a coach to help you write or tweak your personal playbook and map out clear steps to your ambitious destination.

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