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Cancer Monthly Horoscope – Cancer Horoscope for March 2023 From the AstroTwins


Keep calm—it’s not quite Cancer season yet! But it will be starting June 21, so you’ll want to pace yourself until then. Prior to that, the Sun is in Gemini and your twelfth house of rest and endings, and your tanks might feel a bit low. Use these first three weeks of the month to catch up on lost sleep, knock out unfinished tasks and to enjoy some much-needed white space in your calendar. It’s okay to take a raincheck (or, since Cancer season starts with the summer solstice, let’s call it a sun-check) until later in the month. 

Speaking of your schedule, it’s probably filling up! On May 16, bountiful Jupiter started its year-long visit to Taurus and your collaborative eleventh house, amplifying your social life and bringing interesting new friends into your orbit. Invitations to team up could flow in, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, don’t leap to commit to anything just yet.

Retrograde high season begins in the second half of June as Saturn (June 17) and Neptune (June 30) join Pluto in reverse position for the next few months. On June 11, Pluto backs out of Aquarius and into Capricorn until early next year. Since March 23, you’ve gotten a sneak preview of Pluto’s transformational powers from its short trip through your intimate eighth house, a 20-year cycle that begins in earnest November 2024. If your mind’s been on your long-term finances, investments and your closest ties, potent Pluto has been stirring that pot.


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Birthday season begins June 21, when the Sun soars into Cancer and activates your first house of self and identity. Put your personal goals on the front burner now and come out of that Crab shell. It’s time to start a new year of your life!

It’s Gemini season until June 21

Easy does it, Crab. The Sun is resting in celestial savasana for the first three weeks of the month, making its annual retreat through Gemini and your twelfth house of healing and closure. This is your yearly “low-power” cycle, a time to nest, rest and release what you don’t want to bring into the next year of your life. Before your birthday celebrations and Cancer season kick into gear starting June 21, clear the decks. Resolve resentments, wrap up lingering projects and do some soul-searching. A fresh start is right around the corner!

Don’t be surprised if you’re tired or unfocused for the first three weeks of June. Don’t force yourself to rally when you feel tapped out. You’ll absorb people’s energy like a sponge, so be mindful of the company you keep. Better to savor your solitude than have to navigate around other people’s chaos.

Gemini season is an amazing time for creativity and healing work. With el Sol in this dreamy space, your subconscious is activated and your imagination is rich. Dreams could be vivid and prophetic. Pay special attention to coincidences, strong gut feelings and serendipities. That’s the universe guiding you, Cancer. Listen up!

The June 3 Sagittarius full moon spotlights your well-being

There’s one day in the early part of this month when your attention to detail really matters. That happens at the June 3 Sagittarius full moon, which spotlights your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. If you’ve been waiting for an answer on a medical matter or are planning to revamp your wellness routines, this could be an important moment. Break out the trash bags and cleaning products! The full moon in your hygienic sixth house could inspire a scrub down and declutter of the Crab Castle. While you’re at it, you might clear out your cupboards and get some healthy seasonal eating underway.

Pluto retrograde backs into Capricorn on June 11

Relationships are your “soul school,” Cancer, and they’re destined to be that for years to come. Please don’t take that as a bad thing! Pluto, the planet of power and alchemy, is spending a significant portion of your lifetime in Capricorn (2008-23) and Aquarius (2023-44), which govern the two most committed and partner-oriented zones of your chart. We believe that this 36-year run is part of your destined karmic path, an opportunity to learn secrets that you’ll use to help transform this divided world. Nonetheless, it’s not always easy.

Pluto is currently in its annual retrograde from May 1 to October 10, and it’s been backing through Aquarius, making waves in your intimate eighth house. If this spring found you been working through unconscious fears and beliefs around money, security and shared resources, no surprise. (We can name at least three Cancer friends who are dealing with some version of this.) 

On June 11, Pluto will dip back into Capricorn for the rest of the retrograde, staying until January 21, 2024. After that, it will dart between Capricorn and Aquarius until settling into Aquarius for a 20-year run in November 2024. 

As the ruler of the unconscious plunges even deeper into your partnership zone, you might do some major soul-searching around your love life or the kinds of people you want to be around. Caution: Pluto rules the “shadow side” of human nature, and there will be a strong tendency to project blame onto others. People may behave in triggering ways that dredge up buried issues. Don’t take down the messenger, even as you enforce boundaries. If you keep asking, “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why do I always attract this type of person?” Pluto is prompting you to look at your own patterns and blocks. Intense but worthwhile exploration—and perhaps best guided by a therapist, energy healer or trained coach.

Saturn turns retrograde in Pisces on June 17

Deep-diving into your grand plans can happen in the second half of June, when structured Saturn turns retrograde in Pisces and your expansive ninth house. While Saturn makes a U-turn from June 17 to November 4, you may decide to scale back on a lofty endeavor and put all the fundamentals in place. Cancers are normally cautious about risks, and Saturn retrograde will help ensure that you’re not leaping without a backup plan. You might opt for a modified approach that will allow you to “try before you buy.”

The Gemini new moon is on June 18

Divine wisdom will be especially palpable at the Gemini new moon on June 18, which lands in your twelfth house of closure, healing and spirituality. What can you clear away to make space for something new? 

This new moon will also amplify your intuition, so follow any hunches. Tap into higher wisdom with meditation, journaling or creative visualization. Energetic seeds planted today could blossom over the next six months. If there were a perfect new moon for writing down intentions and asking the universe for signs, this is it! But wait until you get a clear signal before acting. This year’s Gemini new moon will be in a tricky 90-degree square to foggy Neptune in your eager ninth house. You might be a little too quick to act on the first idea that comes along. Give yourself night (even a week) to sleep on all the options before you commit to anything. 

Father’s Day is June 18, and as a family-oriented Cancer, your relationship with your parents is particularly important. Do you have some healing or forgiveness work to do with your dad or an important guy in your life? If you’re on good terms, this sentimental new moon could inspire you to show your soft side and express a bit of teary-eyed gratitude for the fellas and fathers who’ve supported you along the way.

Summer solstice! Cancer season starts June 21

Rub the sleep out of your eyes on June 21, when the Sun enters Cancer, waking you up and getting you psyched for a fresh start. Your energy reboots, and, if you took some rejuvenating downtime earlier this month, you’ll have a full tank just in time for your birthday month. If you’ve been unclear about next steps with a project, you’ll be ready for decisive moves now. The path will start to look clearer with each passing class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” day. 

Cancer season begins at the summer solstice, when the Sun reaches its peak height in the northern hemisphere and appears to “stand still” for three days. That’s all well and good for el Sol, but you’re ruled by the moon, Crab, so you need to keep things moving. That said, you could feel “on top of the world” as Cancer season begins—so bask in your cosmic crustacean glory and let the birthday celebrations begin!

Mars-Uranus square June 25

Financial friction? For the last few days of the month, anxious Mars, which is in Leo and youclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” r money zone, will clash with disruptive Uranus. On June 25, Mars will lock into a tense square with volatile Uranus in Taurus and your eleventh house of networks. A collaboration could get heated, or it might go suddenly sideways. Be careful about sharing money with friends or losing hours to a social media catfight. People can and will push your buttons easily, so avoid taking the bait from trolls or friends who seem bent on bickering instead of cclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” onflict resolution.

Neptune turns retrograde June 30

On June 30, hazy Neptune turns retrograde, an event that happens around the same time every year. Alongside Saturn, Neptune will reverse through Pisces and your expansive ninth house, throwing off your risk-assessment gauges. You could overshoot the mark now, gambling on something without proper research or falling for a smooth talker’s exciting but pie-in-the-sky promises. Between now and December 6, be especially careful about what you say yes to: Conduct due diligence, ask for references (and use them), read those reviews. The ninth house rules travel, so check out the comments on TripAdvisor before you book that “sweet resort deal.”

Since retrogrades connect us to the past, you might be better off revisiting an old favorite spot (especially near water). Neptune’s U-turn in your knowledge-seeking ninth house could be great for resuming an old course of study or immersing yourself in a favorite metaphysical practice. Head to the air-conditioned library on sweltering summer days—there’s gold in ‘dem dusty stacks!

Stability is sexy this month—and the planets agree! Cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars both spend nearly the entire month of June in Leo and your sensual yet sensible second house. Mars has been in Leo since May 20, staying until July 10. Coupled Crabs should think “quality over quantity” with your partner and treat yourself to a couple of decadent date nights during this luxurious double transit. (Early birthday gift anyone…?)

A word of warning: Anxious Mars in Leo can make you a little obsessive about locking down a commitment. Couples experiencing financial stress might find themselves arguing more. While it’s fair game to talk about money, the future and important topics, set some ground rules and if things get heated, call a timeout. On June 26, Mars and Uranus lock into a volatile 90-degree square, which could cause a blowup that won’t be easy to clean up. Hold off on the “difficult talks” for another day please!

For the first four days of the month, romantic Venus is lingering in your sign, which is always a lovely occasion (it happens for about a month every year). Adorn yourself with a new fragrance, accessories or a chic summer wardrobe staple that you’ll love wearing all season. Let yourself be flirty and free—and prioritize your desires!

On June 5, Venus joins Mars in Leo, settling into your second house of practical luxury for an extended visit until October 8. This is a mixed blessing because Venus will be retrograde from July 22 to September 3, a time that can challenge even the strongest relationships. But for this month, you can enjoy the pleasures of slow living and slow loving…just being in the moment and finding gratitude for life no matter where you are in your journey.

The first day of Venus in Leo, June 5, won’t be an easy one for love, though. Venus will immediately oppose shadowy Pluto in Aquarius and your intimate eighth house. Old issues of trust, jealousy and fear could surface—and you may project those onto the person closest to you. If you’re single, you could feel pessimistic about love, projecting your past experiences onto the future. Do something soothing to regain your perspective, Crab, and know that this is a passing mood. 

Finances have been exciting but stressful for the past couple weeks, with motivator Mars in Leo and your fiscal second house since May 20. The red planet will wrap its tour on July 10, so lean in to revenue-generating opportunities this month, Crab. Ask for a raise or apply for a lucrative job, and don’t be afraid to take a risk. Between now and July 10, Mars could bring short deadlines and long workdays. Pick your projects with care so at least all your hard work will pay off!

Feeling some financial friction? Mars may have brought an unplanned bill or expense. You could be hustling to catch up on your cashflow. Luckily, you’re one of the zodiac’s thriftiest signs. Stay firm with your resolutions to cut extraneous costs. Don’t slash every luxury but tighten your Balenciaga belt a notch or two.

Once the Sun shifts into Cancer on June 21, you’re back with a vengeance. You’re in high demand, and a leadership opportunity or starring role could be yours. The key? Be discerning about where you spend your precious time and resources. Prioritize people who can forward your agenda (without being ruthless about it, of course). Don’t get saddled by group endeavors and laborious process now. You need to fly free, working at your own pace without being micromanaged. 

If you’ve wanted to roll the dice on a startup, the next four weeks are prime time. With lucky Jupiter settling into a yearlong visit to Taurus and your tech-savvy eleventh house (here until May 2024), you could win big on a digital venture or a cutting-edge industry like solar or artificial intelligence.

Love Days: 29, 6

Money Days: 12, 21

Luck Days: 18, 10

Off Days: 16, 3, 8

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