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Britney Spears Wants to Make Music Again After Conservatorship

On Friday, Britney Spears’s conservatorship officially ended. Rumors swirled in early October that Spears intended to retire from music after this momentous occasion, but an inside source told Page Six that’s all they were: rumors.

Apparently, Britney Spears “wants to make music and perform again.” She’s just not in a rush. The source said that making new music and performing is “not her top priority right now and hasn’t been for a while.”

“It’s never been her intention to step away from her career altogether,” they continued. “People around Britney spoke for her and said she was retiring, but they were putting words in her mouth.”

The insider added, “The only thing she’s said is that she would not work again under her father’s control, but now that he’s out as her conservator, she’s willing and even excited to get back to it one day.”

In January of 2019, Spears announced an “indefinite work hiatus” which delayed her upcoming Las Vegas residency “Britney: Domination” and a new album. At the time, she said her father, Jamie Spears had fallen ill.

“I am dedicating my focus and energy to care for my family. We have a very special relationship and I want to be with my family at this time just like they have always been there for me,” she said in the official statement. “Thank you to all my fans for your continued love and support during this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and I look forward to the time when I can be back on stage performing for all of you.”

A few months later, Spears was checked into a mental health facility. During her testimony to end her father’s control of her conservatorship, she said she was forced into the facility and to take medication.

During an Instagram Live session in 202o, Spears’ teenage son, Jayden, told followers that he hadn’t noticed his mom devoting time to music.

“Actually I haven’t seen her doing a lot of music at all,” he responded to a question from someone watching. “I remember one time I asked her, ‘Mom, what happened to your music?’ and she was, like, ‘I don’t know, honey. I think I might just quit it.’”

He said he was surprised and asked “What are you saying? Do you know how much bank you make off of that stuff?”

The source speaking to Page Six about Britney’s plans says that while music is on the list, “her focus is on the elimination of her conservatorship, marrying Sam and having a baby.”

They continued, “Sam encourages Britney all the time to make new music and reminds her that she’s ‘the GOAT,’ but he doesn’t push her to do it. He just knows that she loves performing and wants to see her happy. When Britney does ‘come back’ (a phrase she hates), she wants it to be on her own terms — something she hasn’t been able to do in nearly 14 years.”

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