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Billie Eilish Is Launching Her First Fragrance and It Smells Like Christmas

Billie Eilish has had a wild year, from releasing an incredible new album to stunning everyone on the red carpet at the Met Gala. Now, Eilish is embarking on her first venture into the beauty world.

Her very first fragrance, named Eilish, will be launching in November of this year. The singer, a vegan for many years, made sure that the fragrance was vegan, cruelty-free, and made with clean ingredients.

It’s the perfect wintery scent, with notes of amber, cocoa, vanilla, and warm spices. “It’s just very cozy to me and sensual,” Eilish told ELLE.com. “It makes me want to be curled up at Christmas.”

Eilish wanted the complete fragrance to be a representation of herself. The bottle symbolizes Eilish’s favorite spots on the human body: the chest, the neck, and the collarbone.


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For Eilish, the scent also brings back memories of her childhood bedroom. “It reminds me of when I was 14. I had this shirt, and it was like a mesh black turtleneck. I don’t know why it reminds me of that shirt, but it does,” says Eilish. “I think about the closet I had that shirt in. I had it in a big wooden closet in my room, and it kinds of smells like that. So that is what comes to mind.”

That feeling of nostalgia is one of the main takeaways Eilish wants for people who don her new fragrance. “I always want people to feel nostalgia. It’s one of the best gifts that we have in life and also being sentimental. I wish I weren’t as nostalgic and sentimental as I am, but I am just obsessed with the idea of my childhood and memories.”

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Eilish by Billie Eilish will launch for $68 in November on BillieEilishFragrances.com. If you want to be the first to get a bottle, you can sign up for early access on the site.

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