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Best Beaded Phone Straps- 26 Phone Lanyards That Up Your Selfie Game

It’s the great Y2K renaissance and no accessories are spared—thankfully. Remember the cute phone charms of the early aughts that were looped onto the likes of Nokias and Razrs? I know I can recall my glow-in-the-dark kawaii penguin charm from those years vividly and fondly. A decade later and the phone charms are back and they’ve taken on a more pragmatic form. Introducing: The phone strap, a whimsy beaded concoction that offers lanyard functionality.

Alex Bass, founder of Hang on Bling, an accessories shop offering phone straps, says the phone strap’s appeal lies in how it marries self-expression and practicality. She also echoes the insurmountable wave of nostalgia, citing her love for the early aughts as the core of her brand, “The ethos behind the brand is really bringing back that y2k nostalgia we all know and love for all generations, and accessorizing our most used accessory—our phones! Each lanyard has its own backstory and was created with lots of love and inspiration from the depths of my brain where all of my y2k obsessions are stored.”

You may have already taken note of the trend and its stamp of approval from the likes of Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, and Addison Rae, so why not make your mirror selfies that much cuter with a strap of your own (or multiple to coordinate with different outfits, as Bass suggests)? Ahead, the 26 coolest phone straps on the market.

Heart Beaded Phone Charm Strap

For the romantics—this phone lanyard with striped beads and oversized hearts comes in six playful colorways and strikes the perfect balance between sweet and edgy.

90s Child Beaded Long Phone Charm

“The 90s child lanyard is super special to me because it incorporates so many symbols from my childhood such as alien and dolphin charms à la Lisa Frank stickers I used to collect, rubber spiky balls which look like the earrings I used to wear from Claire’s, and many more elements that just make me smile” — Alex Bass, Founder of Hang on Bling

I ♥ New York

There’s no where quite like it. Declare your love affair with this cheeky lanyard featuring miniature New York staples. (How cute is that miniature coffee cup?)

Smil3 Like U M3an 1T Phone Wristlet

Pearls, stars, and glass hearts that feature various patterns on them sure make a winning combo.

Pushing Daisies Phone Wristlet

Transporting you back to a summer filled with daisy chains and friendship bracelets from summer camp. 

Smiley Beaded Phone Strap

For those who designate pink as their favorite color, this strap is sure to bring immense joy. 

Fortune Teller Phone Strap

Advice from a Magic 8 Ball: YES to the Fortune Teller Phone Strap!  

Set of 3 Beaded Phone Strap Charm

Channel your inner Y2K (minus the low-rise jeans, thankfully) with this set of heart phone charms.

Bauble Brite Phone Charm

Cult-favorite jewelry brand Roxanne Assoulin is now offering her fun-loving magic touch in phone strap form. 

Let’s Be Friends Beaded Phone Charm

Like friendship necklaces in the early aughts, match your phone charm with your BFFs.

Pearl Beaded Phone Wrist Strap

Coming in eleven designs, you’re sure to find a strap or three to suit your style here.

Mixed Emotions

In honor of mental health awareness, this phone strap reminds you to have a healthy relationship with yourself and your tech. Plus, 50 percent of all proceeds from these limited edition lanyards will be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Love Beaded Phone Strap

Jewelry designer known for her luxe and playful pieces, Lauren Rubinski brings that same lively spirit to this phone lanyard.

Set of 6 Beaded Phone Strap Charm

Not sure which phone strap is your style yet? This set of six features pearls, rainbows, pastel florals and every style in between.

Heart of the Ocean Phone Strap

If Rose’s “Le Cœur de la Mer” from Titanic got a Y2K makeover.

Chill Out Phone Strap

Come in peace with a phone chain that’ll make you feel protected.

The Bunny Ting by Hillier Bartley Crystal Phone Strap

As the site states, this lanyard is “made from the world’s finest premium cut crystals and special embellished bunny beads, this lady is ready to go out.”

Set of 3 Beaded Phone Charm Smiley Chain

Channel your inner 2000s popstar with this playful set of smilies, pearls, and star beads.

Set of 9 Phone Charm Strap String

Build your phone strap wardrobe all in one go—browse the five sets that are offered and you’ll be sure to find one that’s for you.

Set of 3 Beaded Phone Lanyard Wrist Strap

A set of phone straps to complement any outfit.

Fruity Tooty Phone Lanyard

Wear your fruits and eat your veggies.

Crossbody Phone Chain

For the elevated minimalist, beloved accessories brand Lele Sadoughi reimagines the phone strap as a gold crossbody chain.

50 Shades of Blue

Made lovingly by a teen in Paris, these delicate phone straps add just the right amount of detail.

Happy Phone Charm

Brighten up your day with this charming colorstory paired with pearls.

Lucky Beaded Phone Chain Wrist Strap

May this protective eye keep you guarded and brighten your life! 

Kira Kira Crossbody Enamel Phone Strap

Glam up your phone with this crossbody phone strap named after the sparkly app by mega-creative brand Gelareh Mizrahi who counts the Kylie Jenner as a client.

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