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6 Winter Hair Colors – The Best New Hair Colors for Winter

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The big chill (aka winter) is coming, but that isn’t an excuse to let your hair color be any less fire. This season’s hot list is showing signs of warmer tones. From surprising pinks to tried-and-true chestnut brown, there’s a hot (cool?) new winter hue for everyone. A handful of celebrity colorists shared their predictions on what shades we’ll all warm to when the temps drop.

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Chocolate Caramel

“Jennifer Lopez is the queen of honey blonde and bronde,” says Jalyn Park Smith, a colorist at SPACE by Alex Brown. The singer and actress shifts between lightness in her hair and more darkness depending on the time of year. Either way, Smith says, “the color never fails to compliment J.Lo’s warmer skin tone, even in the colder seasons.” We couldn’t agree more. But keep in mind: “If you’re wanting to add more highlights for dimension, it’s better to gradually build than try to achieve it in one sitting,” Smith notes.

Espresso Brown

According to Redken ambassador and colorist Matt Rez, this shade works because “in the winter your skin tone tends to get cooler and lighter by one or two shades—the warmth and richness of an espresso wash really balances that out beautifully.” If you have fairer skin, Smith says the key to avoiding looking washed out is to make sure your colorist adds highlights and lowlights instead of applying one color all over. “Abigail Spencer’s deep rich brown is a great example of someone who also has soft and subtle dimensions throughout her hair.”

Warm Copper

“Reds are great for every season, but it’s best to go red in the fall or winter because you won’t be out and about in the sun (or the ocean), which can cause faster fading,” explains Redken ambassador and colorist Cassondra Kaeding, who works with Olivia Munn, Olivia Culpo, and Katherine Schwarzenegger, to name a few. If you’re planning to experiment with this color, hairstylist and colorist Clariss Rubenstein (whose clients include Jennifer Garner, Mindy Kaling, and Leighton Meester) suggests refreshing your color at home using dpHUE’s Color Boosting Gloss + Deep Conditioning Treatment. “They make one specifically for copper and the result is gorgeous,” she says.

Low-Key Balayage

This upgraded take on classic balayage adds flecks of color throughout instead of an entire head of highlights. Think: enhancing the base color and giving it a little more life instead of completely changing it.

Medium-Rich Cocoa

Somewhere in between the chocolate caramel sundae that J.Lo serves and a full box of dark cocoa nibs à la Abigail Spencer is this medium-rich brown that Lily Aldridge executes perfectly. “Lily’s hair is the perfect undone/done, natural brown,” says Smith. She points out that the dimension and added warmth are focused on her ends and around her face. “I always recommend this type of color for someone who embraces the natural texture and movement of their hair.” Look to this simple yet dynamic hue if you prefer low-maintenance color or if you’re just starting to play with dyes.

Pretty Pastels

Bored with your blonde? Adding pastel tones to an all-over blonde pushes the limits, and cotton candy colors like this aqua blue offer a bold choice, explains Redken ambassador and colorist George Papanikolas. “Since these tones tend to fade relatively quickly, you don’t have to worry about long-term commitment,” she says. The highlights can easily be changed once they wash out, too. Rubenstein also notes that these colors work equally as well whether they are freshly done or a bit worn out.

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