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26 Best Hair Dryers For At-Home Blowouts

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Finding the best blow dryer is like finding the right partner. There are so many to choose from that it makes the whole process overwhelming. Do you want slow and steady, or top-of-the-line? Is a highly powered motor your aphrodisiac? Is it all about heat, or would something cooler work for your lifestyle? And even when you know all their qualifications, there’s still that extra burden of understanding your own needs enough to make the right choice. Maybe your priority is finding something that works with you, not against you. Or perhaps you want to explore beyond your usual type and experiment with something brand new. Are we still talking about blow dryers?

The point is, you’ll want to have all the information before you settle down. Blow dryers aren’t like SOs. You only really need one. And there are so many to choose from. There are plenty of low-cost options that don’t compromise on power, nifty blow dryer brushes, like Revlon’s bestselling Hot Air Brush, and even options suited for curly textures. If you’re still working on perfecting the at-home blowout, having the right tools is crucial for achieving that salon-level look. The best hair dryers can address all hair types and needs—from enhancing natural curls and eliminating frizz, to being environmentally conscious and travel-friendly. Ahead, our favorite picks for shine, volume, and everything in between.

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Best Easy Styling

AireBrush Duo Blow Dry Brush

Whether you have straight hair that needs some bounce, or you’re a curly girl curious about getting a sleek blowout without damaging your pattern, this styling brush duo makes it easy. The round-brush attachment gives insane volume, while the paddle attachment makes it easy to smooth hair for a salon-level blowout you can do at home. 

Promising review: “This tool gives me my round brush blow out from my ’90s hair!”

Best 3-in-1

MAX PRIME Wet to Dry 1.25” Rotating Styling Iron

The amount of damage caused by using a blow dryer, flat iron, and then a curling wand, all to achieve a single style is quite extensive. So why not combine all those steps into one easy tool? Unlike traditional flat irons, you can use this on wet hair, too, to achieve a sleek or beachy look in one step. 

Promising review: “The only straightener that works on my hair without making it frizzy.”

Best De-Frizzer

Smart Styling Infrared Hair Dryer

If giving yourself a blowout at home mostly just results in absurd amounts of frizz, try a dryer with infrared technology built into the design. Moroccanoil’s version makes styling fast, and never uses excessive amounts of heat, which can end up frying your hair.

Promising review: “This is the best hair-dryer I have ever used, worth the $$.”

Best for Stylists in Training

Airwrap™ Styler

Every beauty enthusiast knows that the Dyson Airwrap Styler is the go-to tool to achieve pretty much any hairstyle your heart desires. Dyson administered 7,000 acoustic tests targeting noise, weight, and speed before launching the game-changing dryer with celebrity hair guru Jen Atkin. Plus, with their incredible technology, it’s one of the safest tools for damaged hair on the market.

Promising review: “I was so HESITANT due to the price! But I am so happy I did! I absolutely love it.”

Best For Thick Hair

Ionic Anti-Static Dryer

This blow dryer comes with a diffuser attachment that’s ideal for rough drying and taming anyone lucky enough to have a head full of thick hair. The tool also uses icon technology to leave hair looking shiny, hydrated, and never frizzy or staticky.

Promising review: “It is a great hair-dryer. I have long fine hair and it works great on my hair.”

Best For Bangs

Thermalite Dryer Brush

If you leaned into the curtain bang trend, it’s time to properly style them. The easiest way to make your fringe frizzy and unkept is to use a blow dryer without enough precision. This blowdryer brush does the opposite thanks to a perfectly-sized brush head that specifically smooths shorter pieces of hair like the strands around your face. 

Promising review: “I have had this for quite a few months and it is the only hair tool (among a sea of many) that has stayed permanently on my bathroom counter.”

Best for Smooth Hair

Helios Hair Dryer

Leave it to GHD to develop the sleekest yet functional hair-dryer. Smooth hair is made easy, with the help of a lightweight 1875 watt brushless motor that’s quiet enough to use while your SO snoozes.  

Promising review: “This dryer was worth every penny. I’ve tried many others over the years.”

Best for Lightweight Styling

IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer

This futuristic-looking dryer is the lightest in its class. Weighing in at under one pound, and engineered in Italy, its motor has three speed levels at 110,000 RPM and uses Oxy Active technology to protect hair cuticles from damage. 

Promising review: “This is an amazing little dryer! Very small, extremely lightweight with lots of options, and great drying power.”

Best According to Amazon

Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

With more than 12,000 ratings on Amazon, this top-rated pick is beloved for its “long cord and great price” and for being “lighter than many on the market” according to reviews. 

Promising review: “It is lightweight & quiet!!!!! And my thick hair dries quickly!”

Best for Volume

One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Pump up the volume with a hair-dryer brush. This model features an oval design and nylon bristles, perfect for achieving a bouncy and smooth at-home blowout. 

Promising review: “My hair looks like I went to the hair salon.”

Best for Travel

Space Saving Compact Pro Dryer

Pick up this small but mighty hair dryer on your next Target run. Celebrity hairstylist Kristen Ess’s line of tools are not only effective, but affordable. This model was designed for travel and features a folding handle for easy storage and dual voltage for international use.  

Promising review: “Drying power is strong and it made my hair soft and manageable.”

Best For Quick Drying

Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer

If you’re pressed for time, cut your blow-dry in half with this strong 1600-watt AC motor. There’s also ionic technology that works to seal in moisture while reducing frizz and flyaways. 

Promising review: “AMAZING! Leaves you with a just left the salon look!”

Best for a Custom Blow Dry

Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Dryer

Porcelain ceramic helps with heat distribution to prevent scorching and promote healthy hair. This model also has six different heat and speed settings that work across a range of hair textures. 

Promising review: “Great product. Fast, gets really hot, and very quick to dry my really thick, coarse hair. Definitely recommend.”

Best for the ‘Gram

Healthy Heat Pro-Lite Hair Dryer

Behind the cute and flowery exterior, this hair-dryer has a powerful 1875 watt engine with dual voltage, two speeds, and three heat settings to dry hair that’s thick, thin, curly, or straight. Plus, the nine-foot power cord makes it easy to maneuver around your bathroom. 

Promising review: “Dries hair quickly without damage.”

Best for the Environment

Eco Friendly 3800 Dryer

Good for your hair and the environment. This eco-friendly hair-dryer uses recycled packaging and is made from recycled materials, while the motor reduces drying time and electricity usage. 

Promising review: “I bought this after comparing reviews of a lot of models and I am not disappointed. Better quality and not as noisy as my previous one.”

Best For Curly Hair

DevaDryer & DevaFuser Combo

Get the curls of your dreams with this dryer-and-diffuser combo. The patented DevaFuser provides 360-degree airflow and hand-shaped attachment helps to further enhance and define natural curls and waves without the frizz.

Promising review: “So easy to use I love the shape. My curls look unreal!! I noticed a big difference from this versus other diffusers.”

Best for All Hair Types

Pro Dryer 2000

Harry Josh Pro Tools are a favorite among professionals. The tiny but mighty Pro Dryer 2000 is equipped with multiple heat and speed settings to best fit your styling needs at home.

Promising review: “This is by far the best hair dryer I have ever owned. It is light weight, dries my hair quickly and I have noticed a lot less frizz.”

Best for Fragrance Lovers

Stylset Professional Dryer

Hai Beauty Concepts

This dryer from Hai Beauty Concepts comes with a couple of unique features, including blue UV light stimulates blood circulation on the scalp, and a jasmine scent that gets activated when turned on (really!).

Promising review: “I have been loving this dryer. Best one I’ve had ever.”

Best for Silky Hair

GrapheneMX Professional Dryer

This fast-working dryer from Bio Ionic uses a proprietary blend of graphene and other minerals to help tone down frizz and condition hair as you’re drying. Even rough, color-treated hair will feel incredibly silky to the touch and shine for days. 

Promising review: “I have thick curly hair and the blow dryer did an amazing job. It doesn’t dry my hair super quick but half the time my old blow dryer did.”

Best Handleless Hair Dryer

Grip Hair Dryer

Although it may look strange, a handleless hair dryer allows for better control and ease when drying and styling hair. This Paul Mitchell model is lightweight, but has a powerful motor for both heat and cooling. 

Promising review: “This dryer is easy to hold for the novice. It gives a salon quality blowout. It has a variety of settings for heating and cooling and strong power.”

Best for Replacing Your Flatiron

Reverse Air Dryer

As cumbersome and intimidating as this contraption might look, this “reverse air” dryer presents a genius solution for saving you from damaging heat-styling. You place your hair inside the tube, and water gets pulled away—the befores and afters, showing even very curly hair slicked straight, are extremely impressive.

Promising review: “This machine has been such a time saver!”

Best for Shiny Hair

Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer

The dyer is equipped with an ion generator that will reduce static, fight frizz, and boost your hair’s overall shine. The barrel brush included also helps give hair a glossy, voluminous finish.

Promising review: “Leaves hair shiny—no frizz! And does so quickly!”

Best for Damaged Hair

Power Diva Pro Style Dryer

Unlike traditional hair dryers that heat up room temperature air, ionic tools like this one generate ionic particles to dissolve the water in your hair, thus trapping in moisture.

Promising review: “This has made a huge difference with my hair.”

Best for Fine Hair

3200 Dryer

This powerful dryer boasts four temperatures, two speeds, and an anti-overheating sensor, making it ideal for managing heat for fine hair. High temps are the biggest enemy when drying fine hair, so keep this dryer at the lowest level, then switch it to cool to set your style.

Promising review: “It is perfect if you want to tame frizz and achieve smoother blowouts.”

Best for Salon Results at Home

Buttercup Blow Dryer

Your favorite blowout bar created their own tool to get the same results without having to schlep over to a salon. It includes a narrow nozzle attachment, perfect for styling your bangs and smoothing roots.

Promising review: “this hair-dryer is MAGNIFICENT.”

Best for Powerful Heat

Infiniti Pro

This blow dryer features a powerful AC motor that delivers fast airflow for a quicker drying time and less heat exposure for your hair.

Promising review: “It dries my hair so much faster than any other hair-dryer I have ever owned.”

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